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2005-09-22 - 8:55 p.m.

God is trying to wipe Louisiana off the map. We're bracing for round two. We think he means it this time.

This storm is so crazy huge that it might still be a category 1 hurricane when it reaches us in North Louisiana. I might have to go back to Hot Springs sooner than I had planned. I don't really know whether to hunker down or head for the hills. I'll tell you one thing, if I lose my house, I'm not going to any kind of a "Dome". Astro, Super, or otherwise. But when I get my FEMA check, I'm going to Disneyland! So dig deep and give till it hurts.

I was slated to leave yesterday for Lafayette. Fortunately, that deal got called off because of an unrelated happening that ruined any chance of me doing the job I was going down there to do. This was an exceedingly lucky break for me, since Lafayette is probably going to take a serious pounding on Saturday. I hope my friends and co-workers down there get the hell out of dodge.

A lot of small hospitals are located in "under-served areas" a.k.a "da hood". I work in one such area. There is a good reason for locating a hospital there. The government gives huge grants for that. One can see a lot of sights in these areas that are not usually observed in the burbs. Here are a few clues to help you identify when you are in da hood:

When you see a skinny woman walking down the street wearing an evening gown at 10 am, you, my friend, are in da hood.

If she is shaking that laffy taffy like there's red ants on it, you are definitely in da hood.

When some of the houses are Pepto Bismal pink, some are school bus yellow, and some are the ugliest shade of turquoise that ever graced a tar paper shack, you're in da hood.

When you go into a store and see somebody's mama wearing her nightgown and a pair of slippers that you can't even tell what color they used to be... you guessed it, you're in da hood.

When you see a business that is painted with ugly ass bargain bin paint and the house behind it is the same exact color, except the house isn't painted all the way around, you are in da hood.

When you see a vehicle that is painted vivid metallic chartreuse, you *might* be in da hood. When you see 2 or 3 of them on one street, all painted that same shade, you, my friend, are definitely in da hood.

When you see a group of 8 year olds with prison tattoos... and some of them are girls...yep...that's right... you are in da hood.


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