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2005-08-12 - 2:08 p.m.

Today I saw a hooptie that was so bad looking, I think it had leprosy. There were pieces falling off of it and there was not a square inch of body on it that didn't have a jagged, raised, paint chip happening. Leprosy I tell you.

It was like dandruff on wheels. The dandruff-mobile. Somebody needs to put it out of its misery.

And speaking of dandruff and things like that... this is a really bad segue, but it does remind me of something else I saw today before I got to work.

There is a very nice older man who gives me my coffee every morning at McDonalds. (best coffee around) He is a nice enough guy and doesn't really look like someone who would be working at McDonalds. He looks a lot more business-suit-like. I've wondered many times what his story is. I've always noticed that he has very flaky skin and little sores all over that I can see and I thought he must have psoriasis or something like that. I'm forever thankful that he doesn't cook or serve the food.

Well today, I pulled around to his window and he just sort of spilled his guts about a problem he is having. He said he is sick today from "the cancer drugs" and that he has an aggressive form of melanoma. I asked how his prognosis was and he said "not good". He's on an experimental drug and it's kicking his ass. I said "Maybe this drug will do the trick and wipe it out." He said "That's what I'm praying for." I said "I'll pray for you, and my family will pray for you also." I knew he would be ok with that since he mentioned praying first. So get praying Myramains, and any of you people out there who would pray for a random soul going through something awful, please have at it.

You never know what people are going through.

He just kicked over my compassion bucket and spilled all its contents. The thing that really put me over the edge was that his eyes filled with tears when I said that we would pray. He is a very stoic guy and I could feel his worry in that moment.

I called my mom, because I know she has a prayer group, and I want that guy prayed for by a group of long term believing church ladies. You know, people who pray and are prayed for have better outcomes with their health issues than non-believers. You can pray to a turnip and if you really believe, you receive health benefits. Apparently we were designed that way. The very act of believing makes your body fight and strengthens you.

So I cried about 2/3 of the commute in to work. My make up was just swell when I got here.

I need relief from that man's problem and I've only been knowing about it for several hours. Just imagine being in that situation with no escape. He will either beat it, or it will beat him, but there is no escape for him until one is beaten.


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