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2007-07-11 - 11:57 a.m.

We are consultants.

We go into facilities where things are seriously out of whack. We marvel at egregious mistakes and shake our heads, happy in the knowledge that it is not we who have to do the donkey work required to get this travesty back into operating order.

We wear nice clothes and expensive watches. We don't care what lunch costs, for we have expense accounts. We do not sweat.

We are consultants.

Today, a consultant came in to see me and talk about where our facility stands in regards to the big inspection that is due to hit us at any moment.

My educated opinion is that we should cancel this inspection immediately and prepare for it better. We are in no condition to pass this thing. I advised the powers that be to cancel it and take the state survey route instead of this higher level, more stringent path. They did not listen, because they want to hurry and get licensed so we can start billing sooner. What a crazy way to go.

So this consultant concurs with me and I have some hope that he might convince the overly optimistic powers that be to call off this shit before we get embarrassed.


I'm not stressed. My stuff is done and is in pretty good standing. My department won't be the one cited. I do have some problems with some of my stuff, because they messed it all up before I got here full time. I have fixed what could be fixed, but there is some dated stuff that cannot be fixed.

The weird orderly has been circling like a shark. So very strange.

I have got to do some clothing and shoe shopping. I've gotten to the point that I hate to shop. I think my recent episodes of shopping overkill have wiped out the last bit of shopping enjoyment that was in my soul.

I won't get a chance to shop this week unless I go after work and that is just so very unlikely. This weekend I am going back home. I miss the munchkins and all those other relative type people. Plus I have to get some more of my stuff and do things to the house. I must say I am adjusting very well to my new community. I'm doing better with the horrendous traffic than I expected to. The stop lights are longer here. That was infuriating to me at first, but I'm adjusting to it now.

I brought lunch with me today. I'm going to start doing that more. I need to eat healthier. I've gained 3 pounds lately and this is not an acceptable turn of events. I think it's all the fast food and restaurant lunches. I need to go grocery shopping after work today.

Well... I guess I am done with this riveting narrative. I'll catch you cats on the upswing.

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