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2003-08-02 - 2:11 p.m.


Lord have mercy girl.

First of all, let's talk about your sun in Virgo placement: Virgos have an aversion to chaos, but the rest of your chart is chaos friendly, so go figure. Virgos are often work and service oriented, but the service to others thing is less pronounced in a Virgo III. In this placement, emotions are kind of hard to deal with. There is a tendency to take things literally. A big tendency to be critical and very detail oriented. Not a big fan of betrayal, you will ignore and avoid someone you feel has betrayed you. You are strong willed and self confidant.

Moon in Aries - This makes you able to size up a situation in a flash. You can handle a fast paced, hectic work atmosphere. You are able to fly by the seat of your pants and just handle it when the pressure is on. You are swift and decisive with the big stuff, but may get bogged down in the smaller details. You are persuasive, can be rash and impulsive. When you get mad, you flare up and say some evil shit that you later regret. You love your parents and family, but you have tension and conflict there and you like to maintain a little distance to avoid this. Watch that temper - it can be crazy bad- in general- not necessarily with your family.

Mercury in Virgo - you're smart. You have a discriminating mind, you are detail oriented. You are highly annoyed by stupid people. You do not suffer fools gladly. You are down to earth and you have a tendency to be sarcastic. There is a method to your madness - a special technique to your work. You require proof, you are not a blind follower.

Mars in Taurus - this placement makes you have a desire to acquire. You want to retain what you've won, not just material goods, but people as well. You can be quite jealous and possessive. Girlfriend ain't trying to share no man. You are strongly sexual. Marriage can be stormy. While you want to retain your spoils, you can be a lavish spender when it comes to pleasures and things you enjoy. When Taurus emerges... stubbornness can not be far away. You have a little smidgeon of the stubborness. :-)

Jupiter in Aquarius - Idealistic, visionary, "the brains of the outfit"; makes friends easily. You, my friend, are impulsive. Wilson Phillips only wish they could be this impulsive. You have good intentions, you want to do some good socially, and you might have some wacky ideas at times. You like odd, unusual, and nutty people. Your friends are probably an interesting lot. Again - marriage is problematic in this Jupiter in Aquarius aspect.

Saturn in Cancer - Saturn is a bitch, and cancer is moody, so hang on to your socks. This aspect makes you a bit of a worrier. There is a big possibility of outstanding accomplishment, but sometimes discipline and morality are weak in this aspeect. You are emotional and sensitive, moody; you might be promiscuous, seeking comfort in sexual pleasures. Avoid drugs. Can be very dangerous for you. Watch out for depression.

Uranus in Libra - Lots of changes in your social life are indicated here. Your friends are a great help to you. It is a constantly changing scene. Friends come and go. Sometimes your friendships and love relationships end with a heated exchange. You are artistic, with interests in literature and music. You are interested in Astrology. Your dress and way of life are somewhat bohemian. You're not into plain vanilla. You may have eccentric ideas. You have a temper temper temper.

Neptune in Sagittarius - Idealistic, intuitive, like to travel, you tend to have odd experiences. Sometimes your situations are surprising to others.

Scorpio rising - Makes you steadfast, determined, nervy, you have grit, strong in emergencies. Cool and practical while everyone else panics. You try not to let people get close enough to know the real you. You are not into showing your emotions. Temper temper... You can have a very sharp tongue. You are enterprising and you have keen judgement. You are suspicious. Courageous, fond of travel, a loyal friend. You like mysteries and occult stuff. You are active in a project until you lose interest and then you may drop it altogether.

Venus in Scorpio - this is where the freaky stuff happens. I have this placement too. But here's the crazy part: if you have sun and mercury in Libra or Sag, which I do, it will temper this aspect and make it less intense. You do not have those tempering placements, so you are all about a walk on the wild side. It can get to be a walk on the dangerous side, actually. You are very intense, passionate, sexual. You love pleasure and luxury, and you want to possess your partner, body and soul. They are YOURS. You can become cruelly jealous. People with this placement can spin out into a state of depravity. You might gravitate towards secret encounters and maybe towards criminal types. You may get into S&M, scandal and mayhem may follow you. But you won't be bored, right? hehe

Now, overall, here's what I see: Several key things keep popping up all over your chart. I would say these things must hit home with you, because you have them reinforced so many times. They are:

Impulsiveness - Let's just do it. You don't see why not. Take a chance, go for it. Somebody is impulsive...

Smart - it's all over your chart.

Changeable - some people are stodgy and really detest change, but you are all about it. You can go with the flow and handle the changes. Probably very good under pressure.

Idealistic - this pops up about 3 or 4 times in your aspects.

Bad Temper - You must have a volcano of temper, because it was rampant in your chart.

Marriage not a good idea - I don't know how you feel about marraige, so I kind of hate to say that marriage is not a good thing for you, but let's just say, it is quite prevalent in your chart that marriage difficulties will be experienced. Stormy marriage, jealousy, bitterness, etc. I am not a big fan of marraige, because of my own sorry experiences, but everything we go through makes us stronger, and if it were not for my ex-husband, I would not be the totally self sufficient and strong woman I am today. So, even if you do go through a bad marriage, it's not 100% bad stuff. Growing experiences... ya know?

This was an interesting chart and now I feel like I know a lot more about you. Let me know how it grabs you. Does it seems accurate? I'm thinking it probably is. :-)

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