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2004-02-19 - 11:06 p.m.

Binky decided it was high time she learned to cook. So while I was in Hot Springs last time, I picked her up a cookbook, as a loving and supportive gesture. It is called "Any Bitch Can Cook". That's a perfect name for a cookbook. It has good, but easy recipes in it.

Binky and I have a long running joke between us that comes from her tendency to say really funny things accidentally when she is around someone she has a crush on. She's afraid she will open her mouth to say something intriguing and instead, accidentally yell "booger cookies" or something.

Well, imagine her surprise when something very much like that actually happened to her yesterday. She found an interesting recipe to try on her new honeyman and the recipe is called "Spontaneous Crepe Snacks". So when she was talking about this delightful culinary endeavor, she called them "Spontaneous Crap Snakes".

And he laughed up his spleen. And I laughed up my spleen at lunch today, in a restaurant, when Bink told me about it. I started having visuals of what a platter of spontaneous crap snakes would look like.

Crap snakes.

And they're spontaneous.

You had to be there.


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