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2004-10-25 - 2:15 a.m.

We decided on Copeland's.. and folks... I just have to write about it.

What a good choice for a place to go! No kids... no limitations... very low lights... nice atmosphere... if my dinner companion had been a man instead of my sister, it could have been romantic, but alas, we were each other's date. But we have fun when we go out together. It's a great thing for a couple of sisters to do.

The food was exquisite.

We had teriyaki sirloin with au gratin potatoes and a chopped salad on the side. First they brought out the salad and these salads were huge. They were served on oval plates. It was a big load of chopped salad, containing lettuce, tomato, olives, palm hearts, bacon, eggs, red onion, and who knows what else... tossed in a tangy vinagrette and topped with a big pile of thinly sliced onion rings. Hot, deep fried, slightly spicy, onion rings.

We were ravenous when we got there and the salad was so good. We had to push our salads away while we still had room to eat the steak. We fought the urge to stuff ourselves on salad. That salad would have made a great lunch all by itself. We ordered small salads. I shudder to think of how huge the large salad would have been.

The steaks came out on sizzling plates. It was a nice presentation and the teriyaki sauce on the steak was sort of sweet. So good. The potatoes au gratin was spectacular... in the opinion of a person who absolutely loves potatoes and cream and cheese. You just can't go wrong. It looked like lasagna. It comes in a big square. It had a cheesy top. Good Lord, it was good. We brought most of it home... but it will reheat very well. They also gave us biscuits and their biscuits are just insanely good.

We each had 2 to go boxes to walk out with. It was just way too much food. We had white chocolate mochas after dinner.

I'm still full. Hours later.

During dinner Myra said "If we could go directly to a spa after this and get massages and a mineral bath it would be a perfect world."

Indeed it would.

I feel a Hot Springs trip coming on.

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