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2006-06-28 - 11:25 p.m.

WELL, well well wellwellwellwell...


I had some extended talks with a big wig business owner type guy today who has given me an offer that includes relocating to Houston or Austin, Texas.

Ain't that something?

I told him I'll have to think about that pretty seriously before I give a yes or no answer. Part of me says NO WAY and part of me says Hmmmmmm... Austin... maaaaaybeee. I'll have to travel there and see how I like it.

I am having fun on this little trip. Work was interesting today and there are going to be more opportunities to come back and do more. This client has several other projects for me.

I tried a restaurant tonight that I have been passing up each time I come down here and lemmetellyasomething... I won't make that mistake again!! I had something so fabulous that words cannot do it justice.

This may sound odd to some of you, but it was unbelievably tasty. I had crawfish enchiladas. They were in a little oval shaped baking dish, molten hot from the oven. There were crawfish tails, peppers and onions and cheese and stuff all rolled into 2 flour tortillas, covered with more cheese and some kind of great sauce and baked till bubbly and brown on top. It was SO freakin good. I had a side of the best dirty rice on earth, and another cajun corn dish that I will not venture to spell. They pronounced it "corn maw choo". There were several u's and x's in the spelling of that. They brought me some rolls with honey butter that had a hint of fresh garlic in the butter. Holy Mother of Pete, it was good.

I don't even like crawfish and I loved it. I am seriously considering going back tomorrow to order the same dinner again. I had to call my mom and sister to gloat. I am at least having lunch there tomorrow.

Mr. Philly hates seafood, peppers, and onions. The description of that dinner would absolutely turn his stomach. He knows not what he misses. My dad also hates seafood, not to mention swamp food... mudhole food. That's what crawfish are. Cuisine from de mudhole.

And now I should go take a shower and get ready for bed. I slept great last night, which doesn't always happen when I'm in a hotel. I hope I sleep like that again.

Yikes! It's almost 1:00 am!!! I didn't realize how late it is.

Goodnight, Gentle Reader...

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