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2007-03-14 - 4:56 a.m.

Hey Peeps,

I'm going to write a lil update and post a bit of a naughty pic of my alter ego. She is a bad girl sometimes. This pic was taken in a studio. Here she be:

I am happy today. My oft-angry, full-o-problems, but fascinatingly intense boy is doing quite well. I am relieved that he is ok. He is coming into the game frequently to see me, and he is being very sweet. He is a little bit prickly, but he gets over it, because I make him happy. Things are pretty good right now.

In my real life, I've been very odd with my sleeping patterns. Last night I fell asleep before dinner, and slept until 3 am. So I was up, for the day at 3 am. It was kind of pleasant. I did get sleepy though and I fell asleep this evening again and took enough of a nap that it ruined my chance to sleep at a decent time. I am going to snooze for a few hours after I finish this entry.

I'm doing well with keeping my blood sugar in check, despite missing dinner last night. I survived.

I'm sort of on strike right now because I am owed a large amount of expenses. I'm not going back until they pay me. I missed something important they wanted me to head up because of this. I'm seriously considering changing my whole career... but I already talked about that. So pffft.

I've been talking to Mr. Philly, and that always makes me happy.

I guess things are swell enough these days. I am sleepy and hungry. I think I will go see about a wee snack before an overdue snooze.

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