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2004-05-05 - 6:35 p.m.


I plan to go out for a festive evening at the local mexican restaurant in honor of Cinco de Mayo. Me and myself will party it up, but I don't know who the designated driver will be.

har har.

Boy, I had a rough day. More than half the day went pretty well. I was training the coder, also known as Nervous Nellie. This activity was much more pleasant than dealing with the other facility problem. Her name is Beligerant Beeyotch. She fought me every damn step of the way. She tried to tell me what all she "ain't gonna do" and I had to let her know that she will do it, or her boss will find someone who will do it. It's not her call. I had to show her in the manual where it states that you do things the way I was telling her to do it. She had to see proof. If she had read her manual to begin with, they wouldn't have needed my services. I showed her everything in black and white, then said "I don't make this stuff up - I'm just the messenger!" We took care of most of our business but there is more to do tomorrow. I cannot wait to get out of this town.

I learned a valuable lesson here though. I learned to keep the nervous nellies from getting the upper hand. In the future, I will send word ahead of time that I need the charts pulled and certain paperwork made available to me and that my chart review will be done before any interviews or training sessions are initiated. That way, I will have my findings all in place and can lay it on 'em in a short amount of time, right before we enter the new billing, so they have less time to scramble, argue, object, and scrutinize. I can lay it out and move right into the training part.

I've only had resistance one time before on an audit, and I didn't work with that client for very long. It was not worth the money to have to deal with the assholes there. They didn't know anything and seem to be incapable of learning it. That hospital is now for sale. I left them and my recommendation for them was to go to some seminars and learn some things about PPS. They didn't even know enough to sit there and be helped. There administrator told me outright that she didn't know anything about PPS and didn't want to. It is impossible to succeed with attitudes like that. I could not help those people.

I am ranting about this and none of you know what I do or have any interest in my job. So I apologize. I am just venting. I had a crappy day full of resistance from some fool that doesn't know what she is doing. She is just beligerant enough to sit there and argue with everything I say for the hell of it. She resents my presence and doesn't want to have to do what I say. She fancies herself to be the one who knows everything around there. Yet her mistakes are so basic and elementary that if she knew more about PPS, she wouldn't even show her ignorance by questioning me. She should know this stuff herself. If she knew anything at all about it, she would know THAT.


I should post some jokes or something. This is just one of those times when I have to play the "it's a diary" card. Maybe I can rant about something else later. I really want to bitch some more about my day, but I won't. But it sucked. Sho' nuff.

Tomorrow I MUST get on the road by 3 pm so I can be home before Survivor. That's why I am going to type up my recommendations tonight. I'm also going to make my invoice tonight so all I have to do is finish the re-billing and turn in my shit and leave. Adios!! Smell ya latah... see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya.

And now... I must type up the recommendations so I can go eat dinner before the restaurants close. They roll up the sidewalks at 9 pm around here.

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