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2007-03-02 - 6:59 p.m.

Gotta tell you what happened to me day before yesterday.

My family are basically a bunch of diabetics, so I try to avoid things diabetics avoid in hopes of staving off the full blown affliction. I have felt the yucky feeling of a crashing blood sugar level before, but normally, I just get shaky and weak if that happens. I eat a little something and all is well.

Admittedly, I have not been eating right lately. I didn't think I had to eat ON TIME, like a true diabetic, because I have not been diagnosed with diabetes, and I thought just avoiding sugar and starch was good enough. So I really was pushing it, because I had not eaten anything at all that day and almost nothing the day before. (I have lost interest in food, no I don't know why, and yes, it probably has to do with SL)

SO there I was... in the shower at about 5:30 pm. When I got out, I felt really queasy and shaky. It was my blood sugar bottoming out. So I took my soggy-wet-from-the-shower ass and laid down on my bed, hoping to get stable. It quickly became apparent that this was not happening. I could feel myself losing consciousness so I knew I had to get some sugar in me quick. I was thinking of fruit juice, and I headed to the kitchen, but I could barely see with everything trying to go dark and I was having a lot of trouble staying alert. By the time I got to the kitchen, I couldn't remember what fruit juice was supposed to look like. I grabbed the milk and I managed to get about 3 sips down. The very next thing I knew, I was looking at my big magnolia painting from the floor - not at all the angle I am used to.

Apparently the lactose in the milk saved my ass from going into a coma. I am ok now.. and I have seen the error of my ways. Epiphany notwithstanding, everyone is pissed at me for not eating and not taking care of myself.

On the good side, this unfortunate event spurred a nice talk with Mr. Philly, whom I have been missing for a long time. He is also pissed at me for not taking care of myself. Supremely pissed, as a matter of fact. ::sigh::

I am making sure I eat on time now. Go ahead and leave your scoldy comments if you must, but I have learned my lesson and I shall eat at least a little something when I'm supposed to.

I'm very sad about my wild boy with the spikey hair and the intense ways. He is not well and now I understand why he is so intense. If you pray, please pray for "Jerimiah", because he needs some help and he deserves so much better than what he has gotten out of life so far. I just want him to be ok.

I know that is cryptic and it's all I can say right now.

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