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2003-10-06 - 9:31 p.m.


She's a foul fiend of the Underworld... an evil vixen from beyond this realm, she's unnaturally white, she has long fangs, her irises are STARK WHITE...

YES FOLKS, that natty dresser who used to be a regular living girl is now a goth child of darkness. Myra Mains has done lost her mind.

She put on the vampire works and she has a sort of blond haired Morticia thang going on these days. I think she has decided to take up residence at The Edge Of Madness, local scream park and all around fun place to go if you like gory visuals and lots of people in costumes. It really is fun. She plans to go back as many nights as she can between now and the end of the Halloween season. Some of those monsters are hotties, even in their terrible disguises.


The sistah is gone plumb Halloweeney. And I don't think she's coming back. She has discovered that she can attract 23 year olds. So it's on like a neck bone. I'm a few years older than her, and when I was her age, I got me a 23 year old. Nothing wrong with that. Several things are incredibly right about it, matter O' fact. But I digress...

I think that after coming out of a long marriage in which she forgot how to play and be young, she has started to wake up to the possibilities. She needs to hover amoung the possibilities and keep on playing and being young for awhile. She's carried a huge burden of responsibility for 14 years and it just about sucked the life out of her.

Like a vampire.... coincidentally.

It's time for her to be free and happy and unburdened for a good long while. And maybe next time she enters a relationship, she will get someone who can hold her up and carry her for a change.

So carry on vampire sister, carry on.

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