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2004-06-15 - 7:23 p.m.

Last night, Myra and her kids were in a car accident. They are all ok. It could have been much worse. An 18 wheeler decided to change lanes without looking to see if a car was BESIDE HER, and merged right into the side of Myra's car. This caused Myra's car to spin out uncontrollably with cars ON THE INTERSTATE swerving to miss her.

The car finally came to a stop, the kids were unhurt, but Myra has neck and back pain. The trucker seemed under the influence and didn't even know she had hit a car. It was definitely her fault. I think the sound of Myra's neck whiplashing around went "ka-ching".

The whole driver's side of her car is squashed in. There are long scrapes in the paint. The mirror is just hanging off the side of her car, pitifully.


The wreck happened at about 9:30 pm and my parents went to the scene of the accident. I didn't want to add another car to the side-of-the-road-gang, so I didn't go. I knew that everyone was safe, with all their bones, organs, and blood intact, so I was able to wait. My mom brought the kids back to her house and we waited for my dad to bring Myra home from the ER till about 2 am. Then I gave up and took the kids home. BAD MOVE.

I didn't get a wink of sleep all night long. Not a speck. By the time the sun was up, I was pretty exhausted, so I thought I could catch a nap. But the kids woke up. And they need stuff. They need, they need, they neeeeeeeeeeeeeed. The little one had "poo". Mimi doesn't deal with "poo", however, Mimi dealt with poo this morning. Then they were huungry. Hungry like they'd never eaten before. The short one placed an order. She said she wanted eggs, bacon, and grits. I whipped it up. (I'm Super-Aunt)

It was morning and I could not believe Myra was still not home from the ER. I was hoping against hope that she would get home and take the kids to daycare so we could sleep. When she finally came in, it was around 10 am and she looked like last week's roadkill. She wasn't all about taking the kids to the daycare, it's right here by my house. So I got dressed and took the kids.

I got home and by the time I was able to get in bed, it was 11 am. So I set the clock for 3 pm and took a nap. Still couldn't sleep for a while but finally drifted off around noon.

Woke up at 3, watched Dr. Phil, (shut up, I'm addicted to it)and Oprah (cause I'm an enlightened woman) then I had to sling it together to go get the kids. Got em, came home, attempted to wake Myra again, went to buy dinner food, came home, fed the kids, and then I finally got the opportunity to take a bath.

Thank goodness Myra got a phone call that perked her up. I needed her to watch them so I could get a bath. After I got out of the tub, I was washing my face in the sink, because I didn't realize I was wearing makeup and when I washed my face in the tub, I just smeared my mascara around. So I went to do a proper face scrubbing.

I assumed the position and started washing my whole face with the facial cleanser, which gets very foamy. During this process, I knocked something off the vanity onto the floor. I was not alarmed until I started smelling something and it became hard to breathe. I was trying to rinse the soap and dry my eyes so I could see what was on the floor.

It was a can of hairspray. and it had fallen on it's nozzle and the stuff was spraying out non-stop. I picked it up and tried to stop the spraying, to no avail. I pulled off the top thingy and thought that would stop it, but it just made it spray in a jet stream straight out the top of the can.

I was having yet another "Lucy and Ethel" moment, with no Ethel. It's my ridiculous disaster, so I get to be Lucy.

So I was naked, because it was right after my bath, and I was holding this spewing can of hairspray. I could barely breathe because so much had sprayed out in the room before I realized. I couldn't hear the hissing sound with the water running. I kept trying to get my robe on while holding this can and attempting to stop it from spewing while controlling the never-ending stream of stickiness.

I finally got myself covered up enough to run through the house and out the back door. I had to prop the can of hairspray on the deck railing so it would empty out on the rocks under the deck and not make the deck all sticky.

Just a swell experience from start to finish.

I can hardly wait to see what happens to me at bath time tomorrow. Things happen in threes. I would like to think I'm done with the naked hijinks/ disasters for awhile, but if the rule of three is true, I'm in for another round of crazy.

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