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2005-04-12 - 10:10 p.m.

Weird things happen to me all the time. I wonder if this stuff happens to everyone, or if I am somehow attracting weirdos and crazies.

Yesterday, I took my new employee to lunch at McDonalds where we could get a couple of low-carb salads in a hurry. We were sitting there chatting and eating when I noticed my spidey senses kicking in. I looked around and saw that a freakishly tall crazy guy was staring at me very intently and mumbling non-stop to himself, while smiling a lot in my general direction. He appeared to be responding to internal stimuli and his clothes were absolutely shredded. He had on a jacket that had shreds of fabric just hanging off it all over. He was dirty and there's no doubt in my mind, he was nuts. My new assistant made the brilliant observation that I am a nut magnet. She said "You are a pretty lady and all, but why do you think you attract this sort of thing?" I said "Well, he's not in love or anything... he probably just thinks I'm from another planet and I'm here to give him his instructions."

That was my brush with psychosis for yesterday...

Tonight, I walked down to the food buying area to get some dinner. It's all indoors and well-lighted. I used to feel fairly safe in there. So I was walking down the hallway towards the casino and restaurant area when I was accosted by 3 BIG drunk guys that wanted to "hug" me. I wasn't entirely convinced that a hug was really what they had in mind, because they seemed sort of jovial and menacing at the same time. The first guy walked towards me very fast and said "Hey, c'mere...do you want a hug?" I said "No thanks" and kept walking past them as confidently as possible. Then a second guy tried to actually head me off at the pass, and reached out to grab me, which REALLY made me nervous so I decided to swerve and make a quick exit right then. When I got out of his reach, there was a third big guy with his arms outstretched, as if he was going to try to hug me. There was a gift shop lady in her shop nearby who was seeing the whole thing and could have called security if things got seriously out of hand, but it was rather scary. They seemed drunk (as opposed to crazy)and the last guy looked more serious than the first two. He looked kind of predatory.

Gee, I wonder what will happen tomorrow.

It is interesting to note that I work in a psychiatric hospital every day and the crazy stuff happens out in public.

You'd be shocked to know how many people are walking around absolutely out of their tree, with the voices telling them to kill people.

In your town.

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