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2005-12-07 - 1:27 a.m.

I'm exhausted. I'm actually too tired to be starting an entry, but I'm going to gut it out because I just want to ask this question: Did you notice a lot of people being very angry and particularly bitter today? Or was that just in my world?

I had to talk to 2 pissed off old ladies in a row today, who had been trying for a very long time to get itemized bills from one of my hospitals for their hospital stays. I have spoken with each of these unrelated patients on numerous occasions, and each time, I called to tell our billing lady to send those bills out. She has ignored every request. So today I gave them her direct number and told them to give it to her with both barrels.

Then Shortstuff, the fired underling, was stomping around the facility all day, being openly hostile towards me. I am the only soul in the place who was willing to give her a chance to improve. I saved her ass a half a dozen times when she was on the chopping block, but she is convinced that I plotted this whole firing and that I summoned the CEO and gave him orders to fire her. We all know the CEO is my puppet and is compelled to do my bidding and all, but the firing was not my idea. Her steadfast belief in my plot to rid the place of her presence is a fine example of her delusional thinking.

A completely unrelated screaming ruckus broke out in the CEO's office later in the day. One of the cooks was in there screaming about the brand new dietary manager. She said this woman was yelling and cursing at her. It doesn't ring true. The dietary manager is very prim and proper. I find it very hard to believe she would use coarse language and raise her voice. I think it was a set up. The cook staff was not happy about the change of managers and I think they are out to set the new lady up.

In general, anger was bubbling up all over the place at work today. It was an odd day. There was enough unrest that I started to wonder what was going on astrologically.

I lost 25 bucks this morning. Dropped it like it wasn't MONEY. (Drop it like it's hot) I don't know how a girl can get distracted enough to forget there is cold hard cash in the palm of her hand. I somehow dropped it in my yard while going to my car. Fortunately, little Wibby found it. I felt like such a dumb ass for letting that money get away from me like that. How hard would it have been to just put it in my purse?

I'm not going to work for the rest of this week because I found out we have to use or lose our built up paid time off. Bummer, not fair, boo. But I'm happy about the 3 days off right now. I've got a client down south that wants me to come do some work this week. I might do it. Not tomorrow though. Off tomorrow!

Here's a random fact: I have this little bottle of essential oils called "Relaxation Synergy" and I just neeeeed to smell it all up. That smell makes me want to lick a car or something. It gives me a compulsive feeling. I gotta smell it. I can't really explain it. I fully realize I'm a weird bird.

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