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2007-06-12 - 10:39 p.m.

OK, in a crazy, unforeseen move, I have taken the plunge towards making a third, yes, a third entry in one day!! I think I am back, peoples.

I was inspired by two notes I received today. Thank you my dual sweeties, his-holiness and smedindy. I hope my linky things work, cause I am sleep deprived and have had some coronas with tiny little lime wedges, so I can't so much remember how to work the linky things. But hugs and kisses for my sweeties, Klugarsh and Smedly. I was thinking no one leaves me comments anymore, but at least I still get notes once in a while. Then I suddenly realized why the comments stopped. You didn't all bail on me simultaneously... my comments are off because I let my gold status go. Oy.

Alright, I will renew my goldyness. It is decided. I was thinking about not... but I do think I'll be writing more now that I am trapped in the office again. I have to escape the rat race every now and then and updating the blog is one of the ways I used to do that back in the day.

Let me fill you in on the something less than stellar happenings this evening at my new bachelorette pad. I got with Computer guy for the much anticipated furniture retrieval. The flirting was bodacious and fun as always, but I am sleep deprived for like DAYS, and I was TIRED. I did not have the presence of mind to stop acting tired and there was much yawning and carrying on during this trip.

He made a comment about "too bad you're sooooo tired". *noted*

He made the comment about which side of my new bed he wanted to sleep on. *noted*

He made a comment about going out for margueritas just to make absolutely sure I got some sleep tonight. *noted*

He said "now I know where you live." *noted*

He said we are going to have to go out for dinner and drinks soon. *noted*

When we were talking about my need for new mattresses because I have been sleeping on an air mattress, he said "Oh, you need something....firm." *noted like a motherfucker*

He would not accept one penny from me for his time or his gasoline and would not even let me buy dinner. (He took me out to lunch today.) But he did say "Don't you worry girl, I'll catch you later. I'll get it back." *noted*

While he was here, my sister myramains called and I put him on the phone. When she heard his voice, she knew who he was and yelled his name out, and this let him know without a doubt that I've been talking about him.

Thanks for that, sister. lol


So I had a fun time, but know this boys and girls... nothing can come of this, because like all men who are interested in me, he is married.

Still fun.

You know what was not fun? I sucked a skeeter down my neck while I was walking up to my apartment. Not fun. Had to play it off because HE was there and just swallow the thing. But who among us has not swallowed something unsavory in the name of love? hahaha... Sorry, I had to go there.

Scariest moment of the day: My good looking friend took me to a totally hispanic area of town, to a place where none of the waitstaff speak any english and he totally had to translate for me.. and he wanted me to try some dreadful thing that he thinks is great, and it looked like raw fish floating in a cloudy lemon juice based liquid. Turns out, it was raw fish floating in a lemon based liquid. Go figure. I nearly hurled, but I had to try it. It was actually pretty good, but it just looked like gruesome hell. I would never have ever tried that in 10 million years, if not for him.

Well, I must go attempt sleep. Night after night I have had problems falling asleep. Tonight with the new mattresses, who knows? I might actually get some shut eye.

The guy whose ass is going to be drawn and quartered if we fail the big upcoming inspection is REALLY glad to have me on board full time. hehe. He is right to be worried and he is right that I can help.

OK kiddies, I gotta snooze. If the links don't work, I'm not fixing it tonight. If I have made several bone head typos, I must let them slide tonight.

I love you guys.


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