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2003-09-29 - 5:46 p.m.


I'm sneezy, achy, sore throaty, and several of the other dwarves as well.

I do not wish to feel bad on my solar return. Somebody pray for me.

At work today we had a crazy hat contest and I wore this mardi gras hat that has a bunch of jester prongs all over it, with a bell on the tip of each one. It's purple, green, and yellow... these are the Mardi Gras colors for those of you not in the know about such things as the Gras.


Hats make your head itch after awhile.


Three words for ya: Wicked Hat Hair. I had to wear that itchy bastard all day long. I took it off in the bathroom TO SCRATCH FURIOUSLY, and I was appalled at my own head.

There is a nekkid picture of me up at work. We had a baby picture who's who contest too, and I put up a nekkid shot. I had to make a little rectangle covering for my biznaz, because one lady was shocked to see the stunning lack of clothing. My opinion is that if you've seen one nekkid baby, you've seen 'em all.

I think I'm gonna post it on here. Might as well show the world, right?

That is a big file, and will take awhile to load if you are on the dial up.

My niece, Cindy-Loo Who, was watching me throw the ball for the 2 dogs out in the back yard yesterday. We were having a great time and she was running all over with the dogs, in her bare feet, when she "found" the nice steamy pile of dog do. She found it with her little clean baby-foot. Just before she stepped in it I screamed "DON'T STEP IN THE DO-DO!"

She just kept on truckin. She didn't even think about stopping. I thought she didn't know what had happened, then she trounced through it again. This time, she stopped in her tracks and said "OH NO! I STEP IN THE DO-DO." It was funny. All told, she "step in the do-do" 4 times.

Despite the memory of the dog do episode, and my general feeling that I'm coming down with a cold, I find myself hungry. I must go see what I can scarf.

Geez, I hear the Blues Clues song...

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