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2005-01-04 - 9:20 p.m.

Yesterday, I saw this fool and his two kids outside in the swimming pool at dusk. On January 3rd. It is rather balmy here in Louisiana, but it was not swimming weather. Apparently, this guy was not thinking about his kids and the pneumonia factor. Nor was he thinking about the shrinkage factor that could occur in a January swimming scenario.

It probably disappeared like a gopher down a hole.


Work is going splendidly. I've got every single bit of my coding and billing stuff done. Tomorrow should be a little less crazy. It has been insane lately. I love it when work is crazy hectic. The crazier the better. I tend to pull off miracles when the heat is on. It's my time to shine. I think things are going to go precisely as I want them to go. I could be mistaken, but things are looking pretty good right now. Next week, I get Wednesday off and I go to Lafayette for a much anticipated seminar.

Last night I dreamed that I was administrating the hospital I'm working in and doing a really good job at it. I had come up with all kinds of great ways to do things more efficiently there. I must have dreamed that because I see a lot of areas in this hospital where things could be done in a more efficient way. I'm making all the changes I can. Plus I am as qualified as the administrator is at this particular hospital. I don't think I would like to be an administrator at this point, but maybe one day down the road. My company does have a credentialed HIM professional in place as administrator at one of our facilities.

When I got back to the hotel this evening, I found my door unlocked!!! With all my stuff in this room! I know what happened though, the housekeeping staff left the room and let it drop closed on its own, but it didn't latch. I called and asked the housekeeping supervisor to post a notice or something for the housekeepers to make sure they latch every door. Fortunately, there is a safe in here and I put my laptop in it every day. I keep my stuff out of sight when I am in the hotel too. I don't like the idea of housekeeping staff going through my stuff, so I hang my clothes up and unpack my cosmetics and I zip up the suitcase. I'm a tidy traveler.

The housekeeping lady assured me that my room won't be left open again. We shall see...

I was a bad girl and bought some snack food to keep in this room. That's what happens when you go to walmart hungry. I should have had dinner first.

Bad, bad, bad.

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