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2006-10-02 - 4:33 p.m.


My horoscope for today says this:

What you think of as playing a game, someone else might think of as life. You'd better be careful to quash any expectations at the get-go, or you could end with more bad press than Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson combined.


Shite. If you only knew. Scarlett has gotten herself into quite a bind or three. There is so much drama going on in my SL world, it's unbelievable. I am in the process of scaling this craziness down a skosh.

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy a little drama, but I have learned a lesson and it is this:

Men... even cartoon men... will try to sew a sistah up in a bag. Oh boy, have I met some characters.

Scarlett likes to go clubbing. Every guy she dances with falls in love and then stalks her. She must have magic feet... or something. har har. So she is currently being hounded by a pack of guys who seek to possess her - mind, body, and virtual soul.

Good Lord, I'm tired.

One is a psycho who can find me anywhere in the virtual world within 2 seconds of being online. He has busted me in some pretty unprepared moments.

Scarlett is about to go back to being that carefree girl she used to be. I've lived 3 lifetimes in the span of a month. This is a crazy wild ride. Fun! If I can keep from hurting people's feelings.

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