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2005-04-13 - 10:05 p.m.

I live in Louisiana. On the news right now, they are giving out tips for what to do if you happen to meet an alligator on the road. Here's one of the actual tips:

"Never Ever try to feed an alligator."

That one seems to be a no brainer. They showed a story with a film clip from an incident where a guy ran over a 12 foot alligator on the street right by where I work. There are dangers all around me... sheesh. It's a running theme. I'll be careful. And if I meet an alligator, I will NOT feed him. At least, not on purpose.

I have another near death experience to tell... This happened to me at home last weekend. Another unfortunate bath tub happening, I'm sorry to report. We have slippery water here in the swamp-lands. It's hard water, with lots of minerals and stuff and it makes for treacherous bath hazards. I was stepping in the tub and I accidentally slipped and ALMOST did the splits over the side of the tub. Fortunately for my pelvic bones, my calf was smashed while catching the full force of the fall. Now I have a dark purple calf. It's a huge bruise. Ouch, it's sore.

I think the forces of evil are conspiring against me.

Abigail the humblest pooch ever is at the doggie hospital tonight. She has been having weird symptoms and she lost control of her bladder while she was asleep, so in she went. I am hoping it is nothing fatal or expensive. I hope she is not going to need yet another surgery. She just had a hysterectomy recently. She's had 2 big leg surgeries in the past and she's only 2. I don't want her to have to go under the knife again.

Despite all the danger and sucky happenings, I feel pretty happy. Work is good, despite several problems. That underling I wrote about a while back... the funny one with the bad attitude, whose days were numbered... she got fired. And before she left, she deleted everything off her work pc. She wiped out all the reports and the master patient index. Nice. It was all easy to get back. Fortunately several copies have been emailed out and it was a matter of getting them sent back and re-saved to the computer. She tried to sabotage us. Tsk tsk tsk. I hope my new girl catches on. So far it's looking a little iffy. haha. I think she'll do ok eventually. At least she takes direction without a hassle.

I had a great low carb dinner at Ruby Tuesday. They have a 1 carb cheese cake that is really good. You'd never know it was low carb from the taste or texture.

I must start sleeping in the next few minutes. Morning comes WAY too early.

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