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2004-01-07 - 10:15 p.m.


This is an analysis of the natal chart for my friend, Dan, also known as his-holiness. Read him, he's mahvelous.

Well, whatta interesting chart. Dan, I'm going to give you some general info about your chart as I see it and then I'll tell you what pops out the most with all your planets. There are a few obvious themes that have emerged.

The interesting thing is, I don't know all that much about you, but when I see something come up in someone's chart over and over and over, I have to believe it is either true now, or will be manifesting itself eventually.

I'm curious to see how you feel about this and whether or not you recognize yourself in natal chart form.

OK - Generally, your planets line up in a basket formation with everything bunched up in the western half, houses 2 through 5.

Five of your planets are in your 2nd house of money. And that's got to be good. It is significant when they bunch up in one spot like that.

Another really cool thing about your chart is that you have a grand trine between the Moon, Mars, and Saturn. A grand trine makes things flow and happen with ease. It is a fortunate aspect to have in your natal chart.

You have a Libra sun, Capricorn moon, and Leo rising. I have the same sun and rising sign as you, with a Scorpio moon.

I was sort of surprised about the fact that the word "Authority" pops up in almost every one of your aspects that I looked at. You have an "air of authority". Well I know you as a very sweet and somewhat humble-ish kind of guy, and here's all this authority in your chart. Then I remembered your user name is his-holiness. hahaha. You just can't get more authoritative than that.

Anyway... you have many many aspects that point to an air of authority in your chart. Other things that were repeated numerous times were: intellectually capable, just plain capable, ambitious, worrier, generous, interested in people, interested in weird/strange people, energy, good host, good guest, loves the social life, emotions are under control, can even be cold or aloof, dogged perseverance is one of your traits, with a side order of naughty naughty, scandal scandal... and there you have it. Dan in a nutshell.

Libra sun:

Libras tend to be easy to get along with, because we like harmony. We need it. We do not like to see other people bicker and argue. It is nerve wracking to us. Libras are intelligent cardinal air signs. Cardinal air makes us good for starting projects. We may tend to lose interest and abandon it before we are finished though. We can analyze the horns off a billy goat, and we can see both sides of any situation. We weigh the pros and cons. We make lists. Some Libras are indecisive, or get caught up in all the details of both sides, obscurring our ability to decide. We are lovers of beauty, music, art, and things we consider luxuries. We are comfort whores.

Moon in Capricorn:

This moon can make a feller be a little on the cold, aloof, and authoritarian side. It may be softened quite a bit by the other kinder aspects in your chart, but chances are, you are not real big into letting your emotions run wild. You may have been hurt when you were younger and have learned not to allow your emotions to have free reign. Capricorn moon dulls responsiveness to human sentiment, and coupled with your unemotional air sign Libra sun, I doubt you'll be making many emotional displays. You also are less likely to be played by someone trying to manipulate you with tears. Capricorn moon gives you a lot of perseverance and ambition, and once you attain your high position, you may have someone trying to sabotage you or bring you down. This doesn't mean you will succumb to it, you just may have a jealous person trying to knock you off your throne at some point. This aspect makes you well suited to do a job that requires an authoritarian. Your ambition may be somewhat held back by vagueness and uncertainty as to which way you should go. This aspect says you are a worrier. Now, this is your moon sign, which means it tells things about your emotional side. It may be softened a bit by your Libra Sun and Mercury.

Leo Ascendant:

You have Leo Rising, which gives you that air of authority that we keep seeing. You have energy, more energy than it appears outwardly. You have great hope and faith in the future and have a generous, good natured way about you. You are outgoing and social. You tend to choose the wrong partner romantically and have gotten yourself into a few messes that way. You sometimes feel unappreciated and you really hate that feeling. You like recognition. In adversity, you withdraw from everything but the one problem and you focus on getting rid of that problem. You are impatient to dispense with the problem. You have the gift of inspiring others.

Mercury in Libra:

This is a good aspect. You are broad minded, intellectually capable, you have good logic, but can sometimes over-analize. Go with your first thought, it is often right. You tend to weigh out all the pros and cons and sometimes totally change your mind and your course of action. You like to set up projects, and then sometimes you lose interest and move on to something else. You acquire voluminous amounts of knowledge about lots of different things. You know a little bit about a whole lot of things. Here we have that air of authority again... You are able to express an abstract idea in a very interesting way. You love friends and a good social life. You are well suited for working with partners. You have a gift for sophisticated conversation. You make a very good host or guest. You like to daydream a lot.

Venus in Scorpio

Ooooh.. naughty naughty, scandal scandal. This is definitely softened by your Libra Sun and Mercury. Without those softening factors, we can be downright depraved. This aspect poses a few dangers. You could get involved in some atrocious scandals, the opposite sex usually means trouble for you, and you have to watch out for drug or alcohol addiction. Don't let it (addiction) happen. You are very intense as a lover and you want to possess someone, body and soul when you are in a relationship with them. You can be very jealous and even obsessive. You love pleasure, luxury, and sensation. You are lusty, possessive, and passionate in this aspect. I have this aspect in my chart too.

Mars in Virgo:

Here's another aspect that makes you start things and not finish them. However, once you get an idea into your head, and really zero in on it, you can't hardly be thwarted. You can be doggedly determined, like a pit bull. You are good at organizing your work into systems. Your ideas are original and practical. You are a good employee. You can handle vast amounts of details without getting lost in it. Your emotions are kept under control. You are calm in emergencies. You are a worrier. You love to socialize and you make a good host(as we've heard many times before). On the down side, you can be a bit of a cold fish, a little aloof, and have a flair for being sarcastic when you want to be. :-)

Scorpio in Jupiter:

Mysteries, secrets, and other people's confidences interest you. Usually, you will not betray another. This aspect is often found in the charts of spies, detectives, PI's, and psychiatrists. You can make people give up the info. You tend to make the same mistakes more than once, thinking you will go into some pitfall again, knowing the danger, but believing that somehow you'll overcome, but it doesn't generally work out that way. You usually manage to move in circles where power and authority are exercised. You possess an iron will, dogged determination, and ambition. This aspect also holds the danger of someone selling you out at some point. That's 2 aspects with that message, so watch your back.

Saturn in Taurus

Now - this planet was retrograde when you were born, so there may be some twist or extra spin to this that I can't really interpret for you. Sometimes a retro planet will give you a little different outlook on some things. But basically, Saturn in Taurus makes you feel somewhat worried about losing what you've worked to attain, and you dread losing things to some capricious act of fate. This aspect points to ambition, authority, perseverance, dogged persistance, and a tendancy to worry. This is an aspect that doesn't like the unexpected. This aspect can give you a few romance difficulties. It can make you a little insecure, a little hesitant, and when you do act, it is often at the wrong time or with the wrong person. You lack confidence in your own timing. But don't worry, cause even a blind hog finds a truffle every now and then. haha!! That was me being funny.

This aspect also shows that you have a long fuse, but can blow up suddenly if you are badgered enough.

Or if someone compares you to a blind hog.

But I kid.

In my big book of birthdays, October 8th people are described as imaginative, romantic, and capable, with a well developed intellect, and sharp in their perceptions of human psychology. October 8 people are usually free spirits and may tend to get carried away or side tracked off into new and different interests. You really value your experiences, your on the job experience as well as just experiences of life. You have an interest in unusual people.

So, there ya have it. Do tell Dan, what say you? Does any of this stuff ring a bell? Enjoy!

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