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2005-09-17 - 3:20 p.m.

There is a song you all have to go hear. It is called "Brother". The band is called "Dark New Day". They've been touring with Seether. To hear the song, copy and paste this URL to your browser:


That's the home page on the official website. In the upper right corner, right below the "Forum" button, there is a play arrow. When you click it, it will cue up the song. You can hear a few of their songs right there. There is also a link to the video for "Brother" at the bottom left of the page.

I recommend that you hear this song about 6 times in a row, so you can fully realize the scope of it's brilliance. Go hear it, G. If you love it, post a comment and tell me about it.

If you don't like it at all, go beat yourself about the head and shoulders with a chair for 30 minutes, then stick your finger in a light socket to deliver a good healthy shock, and then go back for another listen. You should find that you enjoy the song substantially more at this juncture. For most people, I would think self abuse and electrical shock would be unnecessary for the enjoyment of this most excellent music, but do whatever you have to.


The afore-mentioned big-wig in my company managed to somehow pull the strings he claimed he could pull, and I have a room reserved at a hotel in South Louisiana for next week. I was doubting he could do it, and yet, here we are. All confirmed. I called that very hotel and they told me no way, no how, no rooms can be had until the end of October. Lucky, lucky me. I usually like to travel, but I hear tell that the traffic is ungodly in south Louisiana and there are lots of extra people around. The hotels are packed. I'm not looking much forward to it this time.

I've been given yet another impossible task to pull off. I am expected to pull a magic rabbit out of my ass once again and fix some long standing reimbursement problems in the company. Worse yet, they want me to develop and author new policies and procedures for the entire organization to follow. This has to be a fool proof system that any moron can follow with success. This is something of a tall order, but I am glad they have faith in me. And they want it yesterday.

They want to put me over another department that is really not my forte. I may have successfully wriggled out of that one. But I'm in charge of finding the right person to take that position.

Hey, Gentle Reader, do you know anyone who needs a job, who has fabulous skills, is practically an accountant, with at least 5 years of hospital billing experience, who would be willing to relocate to San Antonio, or Louisiana? If so, do leave a comment, send an email, fire off a smoke signal, or something. I'm in the market.

I need coffee.

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