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2006-10-21 - 6:32 p.m.

So I've been in a pickle lately in my SL. A fun pickle, but a pickle nonetheless. I think I may be on the verge of getting things under control. Last night, I had a date in which there was boating, flying helicopters, and sitting on top of a huge white statue in Hollywood. My date snapped a picture of me sitting on the statue. This outfit I have on was bought for cage dancing, but I wore it yesterday for a straps and strings event at my favorite club. Note that I have nipple bling. hehe

Below is a picture of my SL paramour de jour: He's purty. He has a beautiful chest, as you can see:

The next pic is a nice semi-innocent shot of what happens when I take my date back to my place to see my "sketches". I was getting ready to bite his neck. Suffice it to say, Scarlett is having a lot more fun than I am.

I might post a picture of my stalker in here one of these days. I'm almost paranoid he'll find out about my blog. What an intense guy. He's sexy, brutal, intense, fun, scary, horrible, angry, exciting, and always always always passionate in whatever emotion he happens to be in. If he wasn't such an ass, it would be a perfect world.

I have really messed with that boy's head. But he had it coming. He's messed with mine a lot too. It's the mutually crazy club.

Fun shit.

If you enter this game and it doesn't swallow you up, you're not doing it right. ;-)

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