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2003-12-03 - 12:40 p.m.


Sheesh. I'm about sick of this incompetence!! I've had lots of phone line problems in this house. I wonder what the deal is. I think that even if they take their sweet time, as they seem to be doing, the line will be fixed by tomorrow evening.

I *think*.

I just got a big kick out of reading myramains entry for today. Go have a look-see if you haven't already. It's funny and it's true what she says about the two of us being on an uncanny wavelength.

For my new readers: Myra Mains is my sister. We are very alike.

Back to the wavelength: We used to call it "sharing a brain". We very frequently say the same thing at the same time and we also have a tendency to both be looping the same thoughts in a seemingly random way. Our thought patterns must be just alike.

Lots of times we will each be quietly thinking our own thoughts and then one of us says something that makes it obvious to the other that we were both just having the same thought. We do this so much that it is weird even to us.

We have been forbidden to play on the same team in Pictionary for this very reason. We can beat any team, because we can read each other's mind.

If only we would use this talent for good instead of evil.

It was fun to read about the spa experience from her point of view. We had a great time, right up until we were trying to get home and failing miserably, thanks to fuckin Mapquest.

I was trying desperately to make it to the airport before 10:40 pm to pick up the Binkster who had been away, visiting her father for 10 days. I was about to lose my ever-loving mind due to the Beat-The-Clock factor. Thank goodness (again) for our cell phones. I was able to alert her to the fact that I was racing towards the airport at warp speed, but still not going to make it.


We got SO lost. Fuckin Mapquest. They had roads on the instructions that DO NOT EXIST. They had instructions on there that were contradictory and just plain wrong. We were off track on the way up, but somehow we just hit it lucky and got there on schedule. Coming home was another thing entirely. We got miserably hopelessly off the course and spent nearly twice the time getting home that it should have taken.

Myra left her beloved "turd" in Hot Springs. It is a long tube-shaped body pillow, covered in this ever-so-soft ultra suede-like fabric. Myra's is brown, hence the name "turd". I have 2 of these fabulous pillows and I sleep in between them. I didn't bring mine on the trip because I didn't want to be seen lugging them through the hotel. But Myra has no shame when it comes to her turd.

Alas, she has lost her beloved turd. We are going to check Sam's to see if they have any more of them. They did last time I looked.

When we got home, the grandparents had been worn to a frazzle by the two year old, mostly. My dad asked me if I had slept well and then said "Did you have someone pulling on your ear all night? Kicking you in the head all night? Ruffling their fingers through your mustache all night? (Thanks dad, but I don't have a mustache) Did you have someone yelling "MO MILK! MO MILK!" all night?"

Hehe. Good ole dad. Unfortunately, Mamaw says the baby will be 30 the next time she is allowed to spend the night at their house. And only if she is bottle broke by then. Which seems questionable at this point. We're having a bit of an issue with that.

Let's seeeeeeeee.... what else could I tell? I absolutely cannot tell about the _________ ________. Wild horses could not drag that out of me. I simply cannot. Don't even ask. Muahahahahaha.

In Myra's entry, she indicated that there were things we threatened to kill each other over if it gets mentioned in "the entry". So true.

We had some seriously good laughs.

Maybe she will tell about the bat-mobile shut down that happened when a table full of big burly men tried to pick up on us at the Outback Steakhouse.

We are female, we have big boobs, and we were tipsy and that is the magic combination to some packs of roving men. We were also laughing too loud and they were under the impression that we were drunk and therefore not on our best guard, I suppose. We were not in the mood to star in any porn flicks, or snuff films, so we ditched them quick. That's how women get VICTIMIZED, people.

Did I mention we had a GREAT TIME?

If you didn't read yesterday's entry, or Myra's entry for today, you should do that now, so you can be aware of that the term "Bailey" means.

Tee Hee.

Back to the old grind... for now.

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