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2004-08-20 - 4:49 a.m.

Summer vacation is over in Louisiana. School is back in session. Ain't that swell? I'm babysitting Elvis Jr. for the weekend and I have to get him on the school bus by 7 am. They are supposed to be out at the bus stop at 7:15, but he was out there before 7:15 this morning and the bus was already gone. New bus driver.

One year when Bink was little, I told the bus driver that if she hates children as much as she seems to, she should not be a bus driver. Crazy beeyotch.

I'm glad school is in session. Cause all I gots to do is get the boy out there on time and then I'm free all day. I'm going to get him up early so he can watch some toons before he has to go. I'll get him up in about an hour. Tomorrow night I want to do something he will think is fun. I want him to have a good time over the weekend. He's my buddy. I used to go get him from his house and take him to the movies and stuff. Sometimes we went out to eat and we always had a fun time. That was back in the day when I used to get to volunteer to do child care. Now I'm his second mom and I see him all the time. We don't do as much fun stuff as we used to. That needs to change.

I got a phone call today from my client who wanted me to be in Lafayette on Friday (now-ish) to talk about the "corporate position" they have for me. They gave me zero notice. Lafayette is a long-ass drive from here. I have Elvis Jr. to take care of so I said I can't do a Friday meeting, due to a previous engagement. Monday is a definite possibility. I don't like it though. I don't know why they can't tell me this stuff over the phone. It feels like they are some kind of time-share salesmen or something and they want to get me into the office so they can hard sell me on a plan that's not in my best interests. That's how it looks to me.

I might just keep it on a consultant basis, if it looks like the job offer is a not so great deal. I know they are getting ready to close a deal on a rehab and they sure want that money I can find for them.

People, I feel like ranting for many reasons, but I'm about to bust out a rant about my career path, so you might want to stop reading right now. I always feel bad when I write too much about my career. I know it's boring to people who don't know or care what I do.

But here it is anyway, mmmkay?

I have a plan. This is a happy rant, by the way. I am going to prepare for an exam to get myself some additional credentials. I have already done the schooling for it. All I have to do is pass the exam and I will have three more letters to go behind my name. Seems like a small thing, but this will make me qualified to take jobs that pay large sums of money in many locations that are not HERE. That's a nice place to spend a few months.

You: Where are you going?

Me: Somewhere that isn't HERE.

You: I hear it's really nice there.

Me: Damn skippy.

Here's the beauty of it: I'll be able to get a job as a traveling coder, or an acute coding consultant whereas I am now a physical rehab coding consultant. This will be a job in which I am paid a huge fee to go on location someplace and code as much as I can during the contract length, then when my contract is up, I can come home, hang out with my family until I start becoming depressed,(right Dan?)then I can choose another assignment somewhere else. Woohoo! There is such a shortage of coders right now that jobs are pulling high pay and are plentiful all over the country.

I'm envisioning spending Summer in Colorado... maybe New England in the Fall... might take a contract in Dallas or who knows... maybe even the land of the fruits and nuts... and I've always wanted to visit Savannah, Georgia. I could work for 2 or 3 months and be home for one, then off to another place. I think I would LOVE that kind of life. I could take Abby with me.

I have to get ready for the exam and that includes learning about a kind of coding that is not used in rehab coding at all. I can do it though. Whether I take that corporate job or not, I can still do this plan. This would be faster, easier, and cheaper to accomplish than any plan I've come up with so far. I keep trying to find an alternative way to make good money in a way that carries less responsibility.

My jobs are always very highly stressing, feet-to-the-fire type situations and I always have the burden of the whole facility on my shoulders. I'd kind of love to just go in, do my coding, and get paid a lot, without having such a focused and high profile burden on my back.

Oh... Woe is me. Poor Wilberteets. Come on... feel sorry for me.

Ok, that was nice, right? A couple of deep cleansing breaths and ..... whooooo let it out... whoooooooooo

Anyway... hopefully I'll be off to audit that hospital down south soon and rack up some more monopoly money. I may have to stay an extra day when I do that and scout for new clients. They seem to be in a world of hurts down there. Nobody knows how to code for rehab.

In less than a half hour, I will be snatching the half asleep boy out of the bed and getting him ready for school. Time flies when you're staying up all night!

I need a massage in the worst way. I've got to call Shirley and get her to come over. She has table, will travel. Maybe Saturday...

I thunk up two good plans in one day!

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