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2004-11-15 - 9:36 p.m.

I called and invited my parents over before I even took inventory of the potential damage control that would have to be done. I decided to damn the torpedos and extend the invitation and THEN look to see how messy the joint was.

I had about an hour and a half to have food ready and get me and the house presentable. I'm proud to say, Teetsville was a gracious environment even for the most descriminating dinner guest. (which is mom) Actually, Ma was so happy to be invited that she wasn't all about the white glove inspection. She's a kinder, gentler Martha Stewart, without the bazillions and the jail sentence, so I want things to be nice when she is here. If she came over and found a big mess, she would wonder where she failed as a mother. And by big mess, I mean a dust bunny, a cob web, or cat hair on the sofa. I vacuumed the entire sofa, just in case.

We usually have all family gatherings at mom's, because she is the supreme domestic goddess and her house looks like a magazine pictorial, but once in awhile, I haul off and extend the invitation for a dinner or a christmas party over here.

Fortunately I have been working my hiner off lately and there wasn't much to do to get ready for guests. My cheese and corn dip went over great and the beans and ham was really good... just like mother used to make. Mom brought a macaroni and cheese casserole and some cornbread. Poor Myra got home and got surprised with the news that we were having company. She didn't get any advance warning at all. But she was happy.

It was a very pleasant evening for everyone and we solidified our plans and made our reservations to all hit the road and go to Hot Springs for Thanksgiving. The entire family Teets will be having Turkey Day dinner in a restaurant. That should be more fun for mom than cooking all day. The day after T-day, while everyone else is battling it out at the mall for a parking space, we'll be laying up in a spa being par-boiled in a thermal bath and then rubbed within an inch of our very lives. Cause life is good.

And now... here is a recipe to stun, amaze, and delight everyone you serve them to: Do yourself a big favor and try this. It's easy, can't go wrong, everyone will love you for it.

Chocolate covered cookies

1 package of melting chocolate
1 box of ritz crackers
1 jar of Jif peanut butter, smooth
some wax paper

Make a bunch of ritz peanut butter crackers. Just put some PB between 2 crackers. It's good if the PB is kinda thick, but not toooo thick. Melt the chocolate in the microwave for a minute or so... follow package instructions. Using a fork, dip the ritz PB crackers into the melted chocolate and turn it over so all sides are coated. Scoop up the chocolate covered cookie and let the excess chocolate drain off. Place cookie on big sheet of wax paper. Cool. Serve.

You will want to work fairly quickly, so you get a lot of cookies dipped before the chocolate starts to harden. You can microwave it again if it gets hard to work with. As soon as the cookies are cool, the chocolate will harden and these things are just irresistable. You can stir some peanuts into the left over chocolate if you have any and make a few peanut patties. Just spoon them onto the wax paper.

Another good thing is pecan halves dipped in white chocolate. Good stuff.
Now, I've planned all your holiday goodies for you. Notice how simple my recipes are?

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