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2006-06-13 - 9:14 p.m.

My computer is acting weird. I was having trouble staying online and I seem to have fixed that problem, but now when things are minimized on the bottom of the screen, the little block that is normally blue is now orange and blinky and it is difficult to get the screen to maximize again, plus the right click doesn't work on it when it's orange.

Damn it.

I am thinking it must be a virus or something. Of course none of my virus catching spy sweeping programs are working to get rid of the problem. If you have had this happen to you, do tell. I need to know how to fix it.


At least my computer isn't out of commission entirely.


In happier news, I was a genius all day at work today. Mad skillz my peeps... mad skillz. Plus I got real lucky with a couple of recent deals I set up for the company. My direct boss now thinks I am wonder woman. Every crazy ass thing he dreams up, I find a way to get it accomplished. I have connections and information sources and he doesn't quite know how I do it. He has made me a wild promise or two and I might get my long overdue money out of this latest business deal. Here's hoping.


You'd never in a million years guess what we are doing in Teetsville tonight, so I'll just tell you. We are test driving tranquilizers. We have to fly and attend a wedding in the near future and both of those things make us queasy and/or weepy. Sister Myra came up with the great idea of getting some drugs to help us through the traumatic times ahead and she came home with a prescription for something I didn't want to take because I have a low threshold for drugs.

Myra gave me a couple of muscle relaxers one time and I crashed and burned so hard within about 15 minutes. I was helpless. I couldn't do anything at all. I think that stuff could be used as a date rape drug, cause I was out cold. Maybe that's just me. I woke up the next day in exactly the same position I went to sleep in, with my sister holding a mirror under my nose to make sure I was breathing.

So I have to find out if I can function at all under the influence of this stuff. If it knocks me out, I won't be able to use it on a day when I have to travel and be in public. I already swallowed the pill, so if my entry ends very abruptly, you'll know I'm on the floor in front of my computer, with Xs on my eyes and my tongue hanging out.

It could happen.

I should probably go get ready for bed just in case I suddenly have to go there. heh


Libby story:

Libby was happily playing and chanting a little something something the other day... and when I noticed what she was saying, it sounded a whole lot like "fucka fucka fucka fucka fucka". Her 10 year old brother started laughing it up and he had the most eye popping look of surprise on his face. His reaction was pretty funny.

He informed her that she was saying a dirty word and she argued, because she didn't know, but when I said it really was a dirty word, she fell completely silent. You probably should know she is the dirty word police at our house.

Later, she came to me in the kitchen and she looked just miserable. She looked up at me with her little Cindy-Loo-Who looking self and said "Mimi, please don't tell mama about that bad word I said". I told her not to worry about it because it was just an accident and she didn't mean to say a bad word. She was *greatly* relieved.

When myramains was a kid, she used to rat herself out. She would get so guilty about any little thing she did, that she would go tell on herself. One time she was confessing to our mom that she used a dirty word though she didn't say the whole word, she only spelled it.


So mom suppressed her laughter and told the very remorseful Myra not to worry about it anymore. Myra said "but mom, I spelled it *3 TIMES*!"

My how far we've fallen, eh sister?

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