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2004-04-14 - 10:40 p.m.


I downloaded ad-aware and slimbrowser in my desperate attempt to escape the dratted evil gray pop-ups.

It seemed to not work at first. I was still getting pop-ups, but now I haven't seen one for about 5 minutes. Oh... can it possibly beeeeee???

I had a good productive day today and I'm enjoying my last night in the hotel for this week. I'll be back in a hotel all too soon. Sunday night, most likely.

My town doesn't have the "Oxygen" channel and I feel robbed. I've been getting a kick out of watching Ellen's talk show at 10 pm on Oxygen while I've been here in this superior TV market. After Ellen, I have seen "The Sex Show" in which a granny-like creature with every ounce as much sex appeal as Dr. Ruth talks very graphically about sex and uses words like "pocket rocket", "horny", and "dildo" and suggests that people have a little "rectal stimulation" along with their "venus butterfly".

Am I going to be getting an increase in nasty googles or what?

Yep. Grandma likes it hot and spicy. And she's all about the sex toys. Very entertaining. The commercials on this channel are all about sex.

I'm still getting pop-ups, but they are less frequent. Curses, curses.

Grandma just said "cock ring". She's talking to a guy about his chunky spunk right now. Um, isn't there a Ben and Jerry's ice cream named chunky spunk or something?

Boy, I'm getting kinda nasty these days. It's grandma and her nasty show!! She's a bad influence on me!! I feel so impressionable and somewhat traumatized...

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