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2004-01-28 - 11:25 a.m.

I'm not at work and I am supposed to be. Wheeee!

I had to stay home and wait for the plumber to hook up this new dishwasher. Lowe's kinda messed up on my order all the way around. First, they sent me an oven with no cord. They neglected to tell me there's a cord to buy.

Actually, that wasn't the first screw up. I think the first one was when they neglected to fax my work order to the plumber on the day of my purchase. They waited a few days. So, when I bought my new stuff Friday afternoon, I had no idea that by Tuesday, I would still be having a dishwasher in a box in the middle of the kitchen, uninstalled. The plumber had not been contacted. They put a rush on it when I finally got in contact with them to ask if they were ever going to come out and complete my order.

Today, the plumber said that Lowe's salespeople are supposed to be sure they sell you the "Dishwasher installation kit" when they sell you the appliance.

Guess what? They didn't.

So Sparky gets here today with no kit to install my dishwasher.

I asked the salesman at Lowe's if there was anything else I had to buy to get a stove, a range hood, and a dishwasher all hooked up and ready to go. He said no. The box that the range hood comes in says the filter is sold separately. I pointed that out and asked him if I had to buy a filter and the light bulbs to go in it and he assured me it was all there. We'll see. I'll bet it's not all there.

This plumber said he would be here between 8:00 and 8:30. He didn't show up until a quarter till 10:00. I would have slept later if I had known he would be so late getting here.

He is moving like a three toed sloth. Every time I go in the kitchen to check on his progress, he is just standing there staring at the dishwasher, like he doesn't really know what to do. I'm a little worried about it. I want to ask him if he is sure he's doing it right.

I like being at home during the week like this. If I was unemployed, I wouldn't be enjoying it though. This free time is only fun when it's stolen.

I want to have lunch, but I don't want to go in the kitchen with the three toed sloth and all his frenzied action. I guess I should go see if he is still alive. He's not making any noise at all. He could be slipping into a catatonic state. He was well on his way to inertia when I went in there last time.

This is going to take all day. He hasn't even touched the range hood yet.

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