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2006-08-10 - 10:39 a.m.

I think my dog groomer has lost her mind. She used to be so handy... so convenient... so available. I was always able to get Abby in for boarding or whatever I needed, but that seems to be a thing of the past. Girlfriend does not answer her phone anymore. It's next to impossible to get her on the phone to set up an appointment.

When we went to Reno, I had to leave Abby someplace else because even with notice, she was all booked up. A month ago I started trying to get Abby an appointment for grooming. I could not get the woman to answer her phone. Finally, I left her a message asking for an appointment. She sent back a message (no direct conversation occurred) saying she was booked up until the 10th of August, but she would put Abby on the schedule for the 10th and I should call only if I could not make it on the 10th.

So today is the 10th. I have tried to call her a few times since the appointment was set up, and she never answers the phone. I tried to call her this morning, because I was kind of tired and I wanted to make sure this deal was going down before I got ready and dragged the dog over. The policy over there is that you have to have your dog checked in by 10 am. I get there about 9:30 am and can't find Daffy the dog groomer anywhere. She finally came out and said "I've already replaced Abby on the schedule, you're late!" I says "Late? It's only 9:30." She says "By NINE! NINE! Everybody has to be in by NIIIIIIINE!"

Sheesh. What a grouch.

So I told her that she has always told me to have Abby in by 10 am. I just need her shaved down. So she very reluctantly agreed to take her. I told her I tried to call her to make sure everything was still on, but it is apparently impossible to get her on the phone.

I hope she starts to notice the correlation between her annoyances and her refusal to answer the phone.

I think she has gotten too sucessful and she's lost her customer service abilities.

She was so harried and upset that we showed up that she grabbed a dog and started grooming and she didn't give me any info about when to pick Abby up. She said she'll call me when I can pick her up and she'll do it when she can get to it.

I have a full day planned out and I hope she calls me well before 5 pm, because I'm going to a scratch and dent sale at Paul Michael and I am not going to be pleased if I am across town and she calls me to come immediately pick up the dog.

I have a bunch of stuff to do today, so I have to get out of here.

Later gators.

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