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2005-08-20 - 10:34 p.m.

Mission accomplished! I did the triple birthday shopping. I bought good stuff. I spent a lot more than their collective sorry asses deserved.

Just kidding. They all deserve good stuff. I can't say what I got everyone yet, because my sister might read my blog and get her surprise ruined.

I was slick this year. I knew exactly what I wanted to get. There was no searching, no worrying, no time consuming window shopping. I just went forth and bought. I should start my christmas shopping. But I don't know where I would store stuff so scratch that plan.

It is just about too hot to live right now. I am so tired of August. The swamplands are not so comfortable when the temperature goes over 80 and the humidity is high. It's been around 100 degrees lately. Tired of it! I'm ready for fall.

I am happy to report that the stank-ass ferret has moved out of my house. Everything smells better now. When that damn ferret lived in here, sometimes I could walk in and smell ferret ass immediately. Not a good thing. Bink moved out and Fert the ferret went too. Do yourself a favor and never get a ferret. They are cute, but Holy Lord, they stink.

It looks like the insurance company for the driver that hit me is going to pay for my transmission to be fixed!! I'm 10 shades of happy. I hope they don't quibble over the price or anything. They are cutting me a check for the dents and scratches and they're going to pay me for the days I missed from work. Woohoo. Oh, and my chiropractic care. Good stuff. I'm so glad I didn't let yoinkydoink go that day.

I'm a happy camper this year. I've had nothing but good fortune this whole year. Should I be watching the sky for falling boulders?

Actually, my love life took a big hit this year. Otherwise, things have been all kinds of great. I'm under some very fortunate aspects according to my astro chart. I can feel it!

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