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2003-11-07 - 11:18 p.m.


There used to be a guy at one of the places I worked at previously, who was always macking on all the women. He just couldn't keep his hands off any and all females.

He had many office-type romances, because he would pay attention to even the homliest women who were not used to attracting any kind of sexual interest. They were usually the only ones who would give him any play. He constantly made remarks and overtures that could have put him in a position to have been successfully prosecuted in a court of law for sexual harrassment.

He spent so much time and energy proving what a ladies man he was, that it was... suspicious. A very close friend of mine who happened to be a gay man said "he's definitely got a little sugar in his tank". And sure enough...

Gay as an Easter Bonnet!

I don't know if he was trying to prove to himself that he wasn't gay, or just trying to cover it so he could remain closeted, but if he ever succeeds in getting married, his wife will no doubt think she is married to a womanizer... until she gets that phone call from the State Troopers telling her to come bail out her latent homosexual rest stop chicken hawk.

That, or she'll have the humiliation of having to take him to the emergency room to get the hairbrush/candlestick/ gerbil dislodged out of his ass.

This guy also used to pull his pants up way too far, creating a camel toe. We had a little song for it, which was hilarious, and we called him "Camel Toe Carey".

People are funny. We would have accepted him just fine, being gay and all. Though we would have prefered he dislodge that camel toe.


I noticed today that I had a visitor from Brazil who had translated my page into their language. This person had read the page where I told the joke about how many animals you can get into a pair of panty hose. It occured to me that this joke will not translate well into some other languages, since the slang is different.

Myra and I spent some years in Europe and I speak German, which is a language that does not employ much slang. I wouldn't trade our time in Europe for anything. I'm looking forward to our next trip over.

Everyone should try to travel and see the world as much as possible. We were so fortunate to have the life we had. We were able to see how things are different in other countries and find out what different cultures are like. Usually, people who have lived their entire lives in one geographical area have no idea what they are missing. Many people I've met down here have never even made it out of the southern United States.

We're getting ready to go on vacation and I'd like it to be Europe this time, but I have a new client to train and we just can't break away that long just now. But in the not too distant future... the ducks in the Kinzig shall sing for our bread crusts.

Or fight over em.

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