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2006-04-09 - 1:46 p.m.

I have been laying low this weekend. Let's just say I've been moody and tired, with an increased appetite and a need for chocolate. You know what time it is.

So last night at about 11:30 pm, I guess I was coming out of my too-tired-to-function mode and I had the sudden need to go to a certain reviled store that is open 24 hours where I can wander around until the urge to wander around passes. I do this once in a great while. Mr. Philly can attest to this.

I know it is politically correct to dislike Wally World, but I don't give a flying rats ass because you can get stuff a lot cheaper there than most of the other places. And they have a lot more stuff to choose from.

Super-Walmart came to our town and knocked out a few mom and pop stores. Guess what? Those mom and pop stores charged so much for their goods, I didn't shop there anyway. They had to charge their ridiculous prices; they couldn't get a high volume discount. I owned a shop myself once upon a time and in a free-standing one of a kind store, you have no volume edge and no bargaining power, so you have to mark up the price for your customer to make any profit at all. Most places marked prices up double the wholesale cost plus about 20% for shipping and stuff. That's WAY over the Walmart price.

Granted, the shopping experience is somewhat limited there. I don't buy my fine linens at walmart. I don't go there for fine crystal and you can't buy CDs there unless you actually want the edited version, but they have some good bargains on groceries, batteries, toys, cosmetics, office supplies, art supplies, and all manner of ordinary stuff that I don't necessarily want to pay a premium price for. Their selection is bigger and better than the other stores have. We have a Target, but they close at 10 pm and they have a very sparse selection.

Walmart carries Krispy Kreme for Gods sakes! Not necessarily a good thing.

So there you have it. I'm a late night Walmart shopper and I am not sorry.

If you are a people watcher like me, you can spot some really entertaining specimens up in da walmart, especially late at night. That's when the weird ones come out. I saw a family that all had a lot of piercings. Even the kid. He looked about 11 or 12 and his ears looked like a couple of badly shaped christmas trees with ornaments hanging all over the place. I think he had a big safety pin up in the top part of his ear. I'll bet he would have set off the metal detector at the airport.

His mother was a ravishing beauty with her numerous tatoos and piercings and her lovely do-rag. The dad was the liveliest one in the bunch and he seemed pleased as punch to be shopping for groceries. They had 3 cart loads. They bought everything. I was fortunate enough to be behind them in the checkout line. I didn't get to see their total, which was a shame. I was curious. They whipped out their food stamp card and that was that. I'm sure they are just using the system temporarily to get back on their feet, what with being 2 completely able-bodied adults and all.

Not everyone at Walmart is a trashie. I saw a good number of normal people. I saw several families doing big shopping trips. I felt safe in the parking lot at 2:30 am, because there were 2 other families loading their cars up right by my car.

Wow. Did I exhaust that topic, or what?

So there I was at Walmart... when I spotted the Krispy Kreme display. My arch nemesis. I said "NO! You won't tempt me with your delicious fried bread with sugar on it goodness. I will not cave to your unholy beckoning! I can resist the glazed donut with the kreme of krispyness."

Then I saw it. There... on the other side of the display... Boxes of filled donuts! I approached, silently praying "not lemon filled... please not lemon filled..."

They were indeed the dreaded lemon filled krispy kreme donuts. How can I battle that during the weakest time of the month? How?

I was powerless in that situation and I did the only thing I could do in that moment. I bought the damn box of donuts.

Damn you, Krispy Kreme.

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