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2006-10-30 - 3:43 p.m.

Ah yes... I have come to the place where I MUST step out of my game for a bit and pay attention to my original life. My second life is a lot more exciting, but occasionally there are circumstances which make it necessary for me to emerge from the virtual world. ::sigh::

I have to travel the rest of this week for work. I did buy a nice new laptop that runs my game like a champ, so I'll be in-game at night. My bestest buddy Begonia is going to be out of pocket too, which both sucks, AND blows, and not in a good kind of way.

So in my real life I'm going on a highly secretive cloak and dagger mission this week. This should be fun. I recently let our recently resigned CEO at my main job know that I've been sleeping with the enemy, as it were.

Since he is no longer working for the company and since he also defected to the other side, I figured he can know. He laughed his ass off. So many times over the past few months he has asked me if I could keep a secret, so I took great pleasure in saying "Well, I guess you know for a fact I can keep a secret now, dontcha?" He agreed that I evidently am quite a good keeper of secrets. We exchanged warm fuzzy sentiments about working with each other and he said he wants me in his new facility. I said "Baby, I done been ALL UP in yo' new facility!" hehehe.

You know, on a lot of levels, my scandalous side is represented in both my lives. I play my jobs just like I play my boys in-game. Some of them know about the others and some are oblivious. I'm a little worried about Scarlett taking over my mind while I'm on location this week. I never know what she will do. ;-)

That sounds kinda bad, but it is what it is. Gotta love it.

Now is the time to jump ship on the work front though. My facility is about to lose its license and the head crook in charge is going to rip everyone off when that day comes in the next several weeks. I'll keep collecting his money while I can, but my spidey senses tell me this gravy train is coming to a halt soon. Very soon. I have to work 5 hours away from home this week and that is going to be a hard commute to sustain with stops in Shreveport twice a week.

I'm going out for greek food tonight and this is happy, happy news. I need to have my greek fix before traveling. Just in case the new place is short on the good stuff.

I'm having fun in both my lives. Can't ask for more than that.

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