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2006-04-12 - 1:07 a.m.

I have just noticed something startling.

Look at these two photos and tell me if you see two twins, apparently separated at birth:

Do you see it?

This is disturbing.

So many times I've thought about how much I would hate to wake up and see that burger king freak in bed next to me. I didn't realize that Catherine Zeta Jones actually lives this as her reality.



In other news: I want to set up a chat party. I guess it should be Friday night? Let's pick a time. How about 9 pm central time? That's 10 pm for Evil. Should it be an hour later? Let's establish a time and notify people you would like to stop in. And what shall we call the chat room? You have to name the room. We can call it "chat party" or "wilberteets" or whatever you guys want. I'm open on the time and chat room name and even the day for that matter. D-Land chat is the bottom button in the members area. The chat rooms seem to be always empty, but I think it will be a handy little meeting place for us to get together and chat in real time. My sister, myramains said she is in. I am going to notify a few folks who may not have seen the announcement. Gimme some feedback. If two or more of us agree on a time, it's on like a neckbone. Ok?

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