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2003-12-31 - 5:05 p.m.



YET AGAIN!!!!!!!

I cannot believe this. I had endless problems with the first phone line in my house. Then I got a new number, on a new line, the house had 2 lines for a while and once the old line was gone, I started having problems with this line. I am sick and tired of not being able to use the phone or DSL!!!

::fume fume fume::

Alright. Breathe deep... just relax...

The DSL kept cutting out on us last night, Myra's ex called my cell phone and said my house phone line is busy all the time, and today when I call my house, I get a never ending busy signal.


I let Binky take my cell phone today and now she is at the house, so I called to get her to unplug all the phones. Bellsouth did their usual trick and said the problem couldn't be their equipment, must be mine. So Binky unplugged the phones and the DSL from the walls. Nothing is plugged in anywhere and now guess what??? Still busy!!! So Bellsouth now says

"Ohhhhh, there is a short. Now all of a sudden they can accept the fact that it could possibly be their old ass equipment after all. They promised me the phone line will be up by 1 pm FRIDAY!! FREAKIN FRIDAY!!


I just went through this. Myra is going to be so mad, so foul, so obscene with her assessment of this situation...


In the mean time, I am going to do a natal chart on Dan the man, aka his-holiness and I may post it, if he isn't bashful about it.

Mercury is still retrograde. OBVIOUSLY. People, please don't ever tell me that Astrology is hogwash. The more you learn about it, the more obvious it becomes that the shit is accurate!

For those of you who are not into the stars, "mercury retrograde" happens a few times a year, and in those times there is a higher likelihood of accidents and malfunctions... and well laid plans gone kerflooey, and what have you. Phone lines have problems, equipment messes up, contracts fall through, reservations get lost... etc.

But it's a good time to organize things and clean out your closet, so who knows. I might do some organizing with the spare time I'll have now that MY PHONE AND DSL ARE DOWN A-G-A-I-N!!!!!!!!

I'll miss checking up on Diaryland tonight and tomorrow. ::sob:: Seriously folks. Just the very thought of not being able to sign on makes so many interesting ideas for web searches pop into my head. I'm itching and jonesing already.

Maybe I can fix the line myself. Probably not, but hope springs eternal.

What can I do to this lousy phone service that obviously needs to overhaul their equipment, lines, and everything???

Maybe I should get Roadrunner cable DSL and use cell phones exclusively for communication. That would teach em, huh? I'm steamed. I want to inflict some payback.

The humanity...

Goodnight and farewell fine friends... feel free to comment and write to me, because I will be online by no later than Friday morning from work!! I might even come up here to my office tomorrow to use the computer. On my day off. Now that is sad.

ACK! Perish the thought.

But I might...

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