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2006-06-04 - 9:59 p.m.

It's summertime in Teetsville. Myramains, sister de Teets, went out and bought a big rectangle shaped inflatable swimming pool for her kidlets and they have been pretty much blessedly occupied during the day time since then.


It's a good thing.

So yesterday, while Myra was gone to buy BBQ supplies, Libby, my 4 year old niece stuck her little wet head in the house and innocently yelled "Mimi, can we put Posh in the pool?"

Posh is a cat.

Swimming is SO far down his list of fun things to do that I figured he would thank me if I said no on his behalf. No cat-dunking allowed. Libby thought it would be great fun for Posh. She's never seen a cat's reaction to sudden submersion I guess.

It was a very nice weekend. We had good weather, a nice overdue BBQ with the parental units, and today I spent a lot of down time reading, writing, corresponding, and drawing useless designs in an art pad. I got a new tablet and some pens. I like to do pen and ink drawings. I draw this swirling paisley-like design that continues out to the edges of the paper, or whatever space I am drawing in and this is something I have done always. It's sort of therapeutic for me.

I just had the bright idea to scan some of it. This is a little block cropped out of a big page of this that I did today.

My notebooks in high school were covered with these designs. I constantly draw during meetings at work. I think it helps me focus on what is being said. I am looking at my paper but I am concentrating on the topic, instead of staring out the window or looking at the people around the table. You should see my desk calendar. My co-workers frequently ask me why I don't have an art centered career instead of such a financial and administrative type of career.

I was planning to be a graphic artist in high school. I won a scholarship at an art college, but I was unable to take it, since my family got sent to Europe. I had to withdraw from the program. I thought my life was being ruined, but I guess things worked out the way they were supposed to. I loved Europe. I want to go back at least for a long vacation.

Wow. Am I rambling, or what?

I think I'll go watch the Sopranos.


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