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2004-02-21 - 1:34 p.m.

I'm having a lot of vivid dreams lately. I had one that ended just before I woke up this morning. It seemed to be a story with a moral to it.

I dreamed that I was staying at my mom's house and for some reason she was very anxious to get me matched up with someone. She wanted me to start dating again. So she invited guys over and it was sort of like the whole process was completely out of my hands.

So in the main part of this dream, there were 2 men over to visit me. It was coincidental that they were both there at the same time and neither of them was going to leave and let the other one stay.

So I had 2 guys in the living room. One of the guys was very easy on the eyes. He was tall and had dark hair and really handsome features. The other guy was short, fat, and funny. He had blond eyelashes. On first sight, I was interested in the good looking one, but he just didn't have much to say. He just stood there and looked pretty. The other one sat next to me on the couch and his personality just sparkled. He was so funny and interesting and then all of a sudden, I felt worried that he wouldn't like me. I knew this was the one I wanted to go out with. As soon as I made that decision in my head, he started to look more handsome to me. I was wondering how I had missed how cute he really was. I was on pins and needles, hoping this guy would ask me out. And he did.

I guess the moral of the story is that the thing that looks the best isn't always the thing that is really best. There is more to consider than appearances. I wonder why I dreamed this. I thought I already knew that lesson.

Go figure.

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