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2003-10-26 - 11:02 a.m.


It was just loaded with symbolism. I haven't talked to my own personal dream interpretor yet, but I can guess the gist of it.

I dreamed that I was with Myra and Bink and the 3 of us were standing around a big round hole in the earth. This hole was off the side of a dirt road, and no houses could be seen. No buildings were around for as far as the eye could see. Everything around us was very very deep green. There were lots of trees, vines, deep plush grass, fields of planted stuff. We live near a lot of cotton fields and it looked like that out there.

The hole was surrounded by wire fencing. It is called cyclone fence. The fence was right at the edge of the hole. I couldn't see any poles to hold the fencing firmly upright, so the sides would bend in if we pushed. The hole was about 6 feet across, diagonally. It was so dark and deep, we didn't know where the bottom was. We assumed it was a well of some sort and that it went very deep.

There was a feeling of being on someone elses' land, or a feeling that if we were caught, we would be in trouble.

I pushed on the fence to see if it was sturdy. It seemed to me to be very sturdy. Sturdy enough to lean on without fear of falling in. So I just fell onto the side of the fence and let all my weight hit it, full force. It dipped down with me on it and I went down almost far enough that I was laying face down over the hole, but not quite. I was still on a bit of an angle. The fence bounced back up, fully upright. It was very fun. I did it a few times. Myra and Bink couldn't believe I was doing it, because if it broke, I could go down the hole and never be recovered. But I knew it was safe. I knew, that I knew, that I knew it was safe.

So I started trying to convince them to do it too. It took a little talking to convince Myra, but she finally did it. It took more talking to convince Bink. The Binkster ain't tryin' to fall down no hole in the earth. When Myra and me were both having a great time bouncing on this fence over the pit of oblivion, Bink timidly started to do it too. And it was great. We were having a great fun time.


OK - my interpretation of this dream is that I was leading the way, showing those two that something they thought couldn't be done, was possible and even a great thing to do. And in life, it seems that lots of times, that is my role in the family.

When things are plush and green in my dreams, it always means something good. It means there are opportunities all around, or that things are good, healthy, happy.

This dream can be applied to 2 areas that are currently going on with the 3 of us girls.

Careers - I want us to go into business for ourselves and find work that is creative and more fun than what we are doing now. We have the raw ingredients to get absolutely wealthy, but it takes serious balls to actually go through with it and leave your good paying job to make your own business. Myra and I have talked about doing some things together for a long time, but now we are researching it and it is starting to take shape. Bink is so stressed out by her job, that I guess I'm thinking if I can find a way to break out of the corporate crap and make a good living some other way, we can help her break out, too.

Relationships - I left my marriage first. Meet me, the trailblazer. I became happier than I have ever been in my adult life. There is a lot of no-fun, bullshit aspects to being in a marriage that I am still rejoicing in not having to endure anymore. I could clearly see that Myra needed to leave her marriage. If ever a marriage needed to end.... it was that one. Sheesh. She was afraid to leave, because of all the crap you go through in divorce and fear of the unknown, but she did it and is reaping some big rewards right now. But Bink... is stuck like chuck. She is in a relationship that appears doomed. She is not married yet, and if she marries him I feel that it will be disasterous. She doesn't realize it, but right now is the easiest it's ever going to get to leave him. After marraige, it's harder. After children, it's much harder. But leave, she will. I almost feel like this is something she is going to have to go through. I try not to interfere, but I hope she comes to her senses before it's too late.

Anyhoo... I know lots of people don't like to hear about other people's dreams, but I guess that's where I can use Myra's trick and scream IT'S MY SHOW!!

I think dreams are extremely interesting. Mine are almost always very applicable to what's going on in my life. They are never as random as they seem.

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