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2006-01-18 - 12:04 a.m.

I was the first witness to something CRAZY that played out right in front of me on the interstate yesterday.

I was clipping down I 20 on my way to work when I noticed a whole bunch of cop cars coming down the east bound lane towards me. I was going west. I slowed down a little to try and see what was up, because there were at least a half dozen cop cars with blue lights flashing. As I was looking through the trees in the median, a blue truck flew up out of those trees and hit the interstate right in front of me, but far enough back for me to stop and not hit him. The truck started spinning all over the road, and then spun out into the ditch. By this time, I was fully stopped and just sitting there watching, like a spectator at a sporting event.

Cop cars were bursting through the trees in the median and fish-tailing on the road. One cop pulled quickly in front of the truck and the truck rammed the cop car! Quick as a flash, the other cop cars were pulling up, surrounding this douchebag in a truck. Car doors started flying open and cops were running with their guns drawn. I was yelling "Dude, you are caught - give up!" But I wasn't really trying to be heard, it was just commentary, like when you are watching a movie and you talk to the ignorant dumbass onscreen who is about to be eaten by the monster.

I waited until they had the guy subdued before I attempted to pass by there, because I ain't trying to take a stray bullet. If the timing had been off just a hair, I could have been hit by the truck when it popped out onto the interstate.

This morning, I heard the news story about what was going on. Turns out, this bozo had run a stop sign and attracted the attention of a cop. He refused to pull over and started trying to out-run the cop, who called for back-up. This idiot kept fleeing the cops and eventually had a whole bunch of cops escorting him down the interstate, like frickin OJ.

When they caught him, he had drugs in his vehicle. Surprize!! It wasn't like he had 100 kilo's of coke or anything. It was just his personal stash. But he was ready to die trying to evade the cops.

Dumb. Ass.

It really livened up my commute though.

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