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2004-03-25 - 5:15 a.m.

Abby woke me up at 4:52. She seems agitated. Well, she *seemed* agitated. I think she just had to poo. I took her outside and she did her business. She seemed to be coughing a lot so I gave her some cough medicine the vet gave us yesterday. Now she's all relaxed and going back to sleep.

Lucky for her. Meanwhile, I'm UP.

That's ok. I planned to get up a little early today anyway. I hadn't planned on getting up at 4:52 am, but here we are. I may start getting up at 5 every morning while I work at the asshole shack, because I think it's a good idea to show up a good half hour early every day just so they'll know their plan of trying to trap me into termination over their trumped up tardiness charge ain't gonna fly. Make a new plan, genius.

Also, being up this early gives me a chance to play on the computer and get the dog properly taken care of before I leave. I'm a little worried about leaving her alone. I've been with her around the clock for the past week. She's shamefully spoiled by all this. When she gets agitated, she starts coughing and that is dangerous for her right now. I'm afraid she will get to coughing while I'm not here to calm her down. I'm going to come home for lunch today and check on her. The boneheads at work will probably have a huge problem with that.

I've got my nightgown on inside out. I put it on in a hurry to take Abby outside.

Some fool called my cell phone at 5:23 this morning. Wrong number. When you are calling someone at 5:23 in the morning, you should make damn sure you are dialing the right number. I don't even want to be called on purpose at that hour, much less to hear from a stranger who goofed!!

Have a good day everybody.

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