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2006-04-16 - 12:19 a.m.

We've been dying Easter eggs here in Teetsville tonight. We dyed 3 and 1/2 dozen eggs. Plus about 4 more. We are all artistes, so we take our eggs seriously. We get lots of different dye cups and a bunch of crayons. We color and draw on the eggs first and then dip them in the dye so they have a batik effect. You also hear a lot of comments during the intensive art sessions. Comments like: "crap", "I messed up", "hey, let's just eat that one". When the kid tells you we should just eat your egg, you've messed up bad. Two eggs had to be eaten, due to overt ugliness. We only ended up with one brown egg, and it was Myra's. (Outed!)

Each kid attempted to make a Spongebob egg. Drawing can be difficult even when you have a flat surface to work with. Drawing Spongebob on a small curved surface is downright hard. You can tell they are spongebob, though they *might* look more like Doodlebob.

Two more eggs were broken during the cooking process. I ate one of those eggs and I somehow managed to scald the hell out of the roof of my mouth with it. I sliced the egg in half, salted it, and popped one half of it into my mouth. The yolk immediately spot welded to the roof of my mouth and cooked it. I had a fluid filled blister in there.

Another egg-dying Saturday has come and gone with very few casualties.

Notice Spongebob is peeking at you. Also notice the purple egg on the lower left corner is clearly on the Highway to Hell.

Paisley egg up close and personal.

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