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2003-07-20 - 9:31 a.m.


In my dream, I was watching a TV show that was like a talk show / woman empowering sort of thing, and the female host of the show said "Today we're talking about "emergency love". Is emergency love really love? We'll discuss it right after this commercial break." Then it cut away to pictures of couples and you knew that these couples weren't really lasting couples because they were demonstrating instances of emergency love. One of the pictures was the talk show host and her current guy, then the camera went back to her and she looked kind of humorously crestfallen as she was realizing she was just emergency love, and then the last picture was a dog humping a stuffed Winnie the Pooh toy!

That's so funny to me, because it cheapened all those relationships down to a dog humping a toy. TALK ABOUT EMERGENCY LOVE!

I have no idea where this dream came from. Does this mean I'm bitter and don't believe in love? haha.

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