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2004-05-30 - 10:38 p.m.

Disclaimer: There are 10 pictures in this entry. If you are on dial-up, just go make a sandwich while this puppy loads up.


This is one of my favorite little towns to visit over a weekend. In Autumn, the climate reminds me of Germany. It's very rocky and there are many hills, small mountains, and geological attractions, such as caves and rock formations. The main part of town is very hilly and the whole place is a victorian village. There are shops all up and down these streets. The tall wedge shaped building in the pictures above has a quilt shop on the ground level with some beautiful handmade quilts. There are endless shops here. Lots of balconies to sit on, like the one pictured above.

This is the Rosalie House

Eureka Springs is full of beautiful victorian mansions and cottages. Many of them are Bed & Breakfast establishments and a couple are now museums. One old home is now an aviary. It houses a bunch of amazing colorful parrots and other birds. They talk and do a lot of funny things. The Rosalie is just one in a village full of beautifully restored victorian homes.

Above is the Crescent Hotel. It is haunted. You can take a ghost tour or stay in the spooky old place. It is very grand. You don't have to stay there to take the ghost tour. This was one of the first buildings in Eureka Springs. The general manager they had last time I was there, was an orange cat named Morris. He was very old and I'm sure has gone on to his reward.

Another fantastic favorite is the Bavarian Inn. This is the absolute finest german food you can get on American soil. We lived in Germany for a few years and it is very hard to find authentic german food. If you google "Bavarian Inn Eureka Springs" you can see their full menu. It is listed on their website. It is an unbelievably great restaurant.

You can't miss THE BIG JESUS if you go to Eureka Springs. You might try, but you CAN'T miss it, because it is 7 stories high. It is incredibly huge and when you walk up to it, it feels like you are approaching God. I think it serves as a marker to lead you in the direction of the "passion play" amphitheater which is sort of in the hills. They have a huge production of the passion play with a full set built up. Whether you like Jesus or not, the big Jesus is something very interesting to see.

If you are outdoorsey, you will love to go to the lake. There's Beaver Lake and Table Lake. This is one of them. There is a lot of natural beauty in Arkansas, and here you were thinking it was all inbred extras from "Deliverance" and unforked family trees.

There is a little island out in one of the big lakes, and they call it "Holiday Island". It's big enough that this little island holds a mall and some businesses. It is a whole "planned community". There are lots of condos and cabins to stay in out there. Cabins like the one pictured above. It's like 160 - 200 bucks a night and sleeps 6 comfortably. You know what that means... everyone you know can come along and pay 1/80th of the bill. Sleeping bags all over the joint... etc.

That is why fall is my favorite season. We will probably go to Eureka Springs this summer, preferably in June, but maybe we can go back in the fall.

Thorncrown Chapel is a place where lots of people have weddings. It is beautiful, especially in the fall.

I love to shop and stay in ritzy hotels and eat german food. I like the climate and the fact that Eureka Springs is an artists colony. These things make it a fun place for me. But if you like the great outdoors, this is a great place to go. They actually have 4 seasons, which is better than the two seasons we have in Louisiana. We have "hot as hell" and "rainy". That's our 2 seasons.

I can hardly wait to get back to Eureka Springs. They have a bunch of bath houses and spas too. And it's fun to go underground in the caves. They have tours in these caves and then they have some caves that you have to be an expert spelunker or hiker to go on the tour, because they don't have time to wait for Mildred and Hortense to catch their breath.

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