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2005-09-09 - 9:27 p.m.

Thank God It's Friday!!!

I have never meant those words more in my life. I went to work today. I am not as sick as I was, but I am sort of weak and not really up to my usual game. I'm blessedly glad I don't have to go anyplace tomorrow and no one is expecting anything of me. Joy!

Guess where I have to go next week? Katrina-ville. The boss told me to get my traveling shoes on 'cause I be going. I have to make the rounds at our facilities in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and Lutcher, which is close to New Orleans. I am very doubtful that I will be able to get a hotel room, since the population of Baton Rouge has grown so much with people who no longer have homes, so I may not go afterall. There is the possibility of the boss allowing me to stay at one of our facilities, but I don't know about that. It's a psyche facility and I wouldn't want to end up not getting to leave at the end of the week.

OK, abrupt change of topic just ahead:

Myramains, sister of mine, went forth and procured us a bit of happiness in a can. She got us an air horn. We are gleefully planning to scare the packing peanuts out of both kids. These chillins fight all the time and make a constant racket. We are waiting for them to launch into one of their world class battles so we can sound the honk of doom and give them both 120 decibels of sheer pee-winding terror.

Of course, they picked now to inexplicably get along for the first time in their lives. Usually, they wait until Myra is in the shower and can't see their evil-doing, and then they cut loose in a screaming war or some such. The older kid waits till mom is out of range to provoke the short kid. Then all hell breaks loose. Our moment shall come and when it does... it will be sweet, oh so sweet.

Muwa... muwahaa... muwaahaahaaaaaa

This thing is going to come in SO handy at the family fireworks this year. We have several boy cousins who delight in sneaking around with firecrackers and other noisy things which they detonate at the feet of their victims. This year they'll scream like wee lasses and the pee shall run down their legs freely as the air horn sounds behind each of their deserving heads.


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