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2005-09-29 - 9:47 a.m.

For quite a while, I have been thinking about starting some kind of exercise regimen that I can stick with. I want something that feels like a hobby instead of a chore. That way, it will be fun and I will be more likely to make it a permanent part of my life, instead of obeying a self imposed rule for a short period of time and then backsliding.

I could go over to the medical mall and walk, but that requires a trip into town and this takes up too much of my time. I don't have enough time as it is, with my long commute every day. The weather is about to change for fall and in fact, today it is cool and nice outside. It has been hot and humid even in the morning time, until today. Still, I am not too fond of walking around the neighborhood for exercise. So that's out.

The other day at work, the therapy tech told me I should use the treadmill in the PT gym at work. It had never crossed my mind that I could do that, but what a great idea!

Yesterday I started my exercise program and walked for 33 minutes on the treadmill, as fast as I could, with a little bit of increased incline. This machine is a cadillac among treadmills. It is parked right in front of a big picture window, with a radio nearby. I plan to use this thing every day that I go to work. Our cafeteria is in the next room and they keep ice, water, juice, and crystal light available at all times, so I can just go in there and get some water after my workout. It's pretty convenient. It's like having a gym membership without having to pay or drive anyplace extra.

Now... all that said.... my ankles and legs are killing me!!! I really pushed it too far yesterday with the incline and the speed. I can feel it a lot in my calves, inner thighs, even my hips, and my poor ankles are just abused. I walked barefooted, like a fool, because all I had were high heel sandals and I wasn't about to walk the treadmill in those, so I took them off and walked barefooted. Mistake! I'm taking my Nike's to work with me from now on. I think I scrubbed the soles of my feet off on that rough treadmill belt.

Live and learn, right?

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