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2004-06-05 - 5:08 p.m.

I just had a really long conversation with my ex and his wife. It was pretty fun. I like both of them. It's weird to be "friends" with someone you've loved and hated, married and divorced in the past. Now I love the good things about him and I'm glad I don't have to deal with the things I don't like about him. He's pretty sweet for the most part.

A funny thing happened during this conversation. He lives on 10 acres of land and for some reason, they are collecting up chickens and assorted barnyard animals. I asked him why he wanted a bunch of chickens and he said "For showing". Show hens. Then he launched into this monologue about hens and cocks.

I laughed when he uttered the words "I have a pretty little cock." I suppressed the urge to say "Still thinking rather highly of yourself, are ya?"

He went on to say that his brother had a really nice one. (I wouldn't know about that) But what really made me giggle was when he said "Unfortunately, Chet's cock died."

This guy knows me. He knew better than to say that to me. But because I didn't laugh out loud when he was talking about his pretty little cock, he thought he could go on with "farm talk" without me laughing it up. I was really trying not to laugh where he could hear me. He must have used the word "cock" 20 times in a paragraph.

Then he told me that his wife volunteered him to be in some festival event that includes a greased pig chase. Naturally, I said "So they're going to grease you all up and let you run?" hehe. He's a good sport.

I know you are all dying to see cartoon me again, so here it is:

I forgot to go back and add the link for that cartoon maker site to my earlier entry so here it be:

Go make a cartoon you!

Hey... when you make your cartoon, you can right click on it and save it to your computer. Then, you need to put it in your paint program and save it as a jpg file. Then you can upload it to D-Land. You can take the HTML from your uploaded pics and put it in my comments and then your faces will all be there. I hope some people will do it. I will go right now to see if I can post my cartoon self in my own comments. It should take HTML.

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