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2003-09-03 - 11:51 p.m.


LAST FART AT THE SWEDISH NATIONAL BANK Hanne Dankertsen 29.08.03 10:42

(Fart costs bank 100,000 dollars)

There is no more farting amongst the staff in the Swedish national bank. " We do not have a specific fart ban, but we have ethical guidelines and naturally, farting is simply not done here", said Staffan Folke at the bank's work environment office.

Yesterday computer technician Göran Andervass told Aftonbladet how he was exposed to a colleague's farting when working for the national bank.

The incident accelerated into a serious work conflict. Andervass was fired, took legal action and finally received NOK 850,000 compensation from the bank.

The fart was indeed the start of the conflict and Andervass wrote in a statement to the court: "Provoked by a disgusting fart - a right stinker - at 7.30 am in my office".

The farting colleague is not keen to talk at the moment and refuses giving any comments to why he walked into Andervass's office and farted, saying:

"Staffan Folke will comment on behalf of the national bank on this matter".

"But what do you have to say about the fart?"

"I say that Staffan Folke has all details", he told Aftonbladet.

Staffan Folke, who is responsible for the bank's work environment, claims he was not involved in the incident when Andervass was exposed to the fart.

Folke points out that it is not acceptable for an officer of the Swedish national bank to run into a colleague's office to fart.

"Just like in any other place human consideration is important in our offices. This is the kind of thing one just does not do".

"You do not accept this farting?"

"No, definitely not".

"But still, it happens at your premises?"

"Yes, but I was not involved with this at the time".

Krister Skoglund in the human resource department warns staff about farting too obviously near others:

"If this happens on numerous occasions it will be perceived as a violation", he said.

Even if only one single fart is in question, the leadership will react, according to Skoglund:

"If it is done with bad intentions, that someone comes in to an office and does something like this, the boss needs to take action. That is important. Then a conversation with the person is needed, to explain to the member of staff that we do not do such things here", he said.


Um, the above is an actual news item. I just *had* to share. There's Plenty O' Laughs in that there article.

Let it be a lesson to you... malicious farting will not be tolerated. Bahaha

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