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2003-09-24 - 5:33 p.m.


I've had 39 clicks so far today on this banner, and it's only half done. That's pretty swell. Almost 6%.

Hey peeps... if you are a banner user... just for curiosity purposes... leave me a comment stating the highest percentage of click through you've had on any one banner.

I'm the first to admit I've created some stinkers. I've had a banner as low as 0.6% clicks. But 5.9% is the highest I've had so far. Interestingly enough, I've gotten much lower percentages with this same banner that is kicking it today. It all depends on the mood of the day I guess.

I have a little story behind this banner that is currently running.

First, here's the banner:

Story: I used to live next to a 7 year old who was in love with me. This kid used to draw me pictures of "us in front of our house together" and sign it "To my gril fiend" Homey couldn't spell girl friend.

The banner seems a little darker and more menacing than that story would indicate, huh?

Feel free to leave stories about how you came up with your best banners... or your worst.

There's not many laughs in this entry, so I leave you with this:


What did the fish say when he swam into a cement wall?


Har har.

(Please like me anyway)


One more thing: The baby has been spending too much time with me. Yesterday, I heard her clearly enunciate the maniacal laugh. She went "Moo Aah Haa Haaaaa". Funny stuff.

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