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2007-09-05 - 2:45 p.m.

I'm happy to report my sciatic nerve has returned to being a good citizen within the community of bones, muscles, nerves, and fibers that is me. It's nice not to be hurty.

My hair however, has staged a rebellion. It's wild today.

I was inspired to fire up the laptop and write an entry because I went into the bathroom just now and found, to my utter dismay, that someone had dropped off the kids at the pool and even after flushing, a couple of kids were still in there doing the back stroke.

Bitch, turn and look in the toilet after you flush and make sure it went! While you are at it, you slothful mutant, wipe off the seat. Especially if you are a hoverer.

What makes you hoverers think it is ok to piss all over the seat and walk off and leave it?? It's the hoverers of the world that louse up the bathroom for the decent people. Well, the hoverers and the covert spooge leavers.

People are filthy animals.

And don't you forget it.

You know what? As long as I'm bitching, I might as well write an open letter to the assclowns driving around H town.

Dear Assclowns,


Geez, is it THAT fascinating when a cop has someone pulled over, or an 18 wheeler has stopped, or some putz has rear-ended some other putz??? How can that be more important than getting your ass down the road to your own life? Why, oh why, do people slow down to a crawl and rubber-neck no matter how minor the incident? You know why? Because they are hoping to see some carnage. They hope someone's precious loved one has been splattered on the windshield. That is why. As in the topic above, my conclusion is that people are filthy animals.

I might be a little cranky today.

Or maybe people are just filthy animals.

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