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2004-08-12 - 6:50 p.m.

Life is good.

I'm taping shows I may never watch, I have new gadgets left, right, and sideways around here, and the weather has lost its ever-loving mind and given us a day like none I have EVER WITNESSED in the state of Louisiana in the middle of August. The dreaded August. I just can't believe it. It's cool, comfortable, and non-humid.



Better yet, the Perseids meteor shower is going on and I am going to catch some of that tonight. It peaked in the wee hours of this morning, but I will still be able to see some of it tonight. You can see increased shooting stars through August 15th from this meteor shower. Tonight I will lay on the trampoline outside and watch shooting stars. The sky is really clear and I should get a good view, unless some clouds roll in.

I feel great today and I don't feel overwhelmed by my life like I usually do. haha. I think even my garage cleaning is a do-able thing. But I probably should stop thinking about it lest I ruin my good state of mind.

Myra and I dragged some crap from the garage to the curb a few nights ago. It was a start. Now I have to get in contact with this weird guy we know who will do anything for 25 bucks and let him come load up the furniture and boxes of crapola that all needs to be hauled away. Seems totally do-able. Let it get 98 degrees and 110% humidity again and see what happens to my perky capable mood.

At least I see recognize my limitations. Ya know?


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